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Foolkiller: **GT UPDATE** Az Ren Fest!
Mon Mar 4 13:22:18 2002
To: all
Date: Saturday, March 16th, between 9am and 10am at the main gate
Who's attending from TFC: Foolkiller, Zarous, Boromir, Crysania, Saavik,
Torchbearer, Mofona, Kerien, Lute, Tokugawa, Marisa, Dreamstar, Dragonheart
Drazuk, and possibly Masher

Potentially 3-5 others from this mud and a couple others.

Discount tickets ($1 off the gate price) can be purchased in advance
from any local Fry's food stores.

This is THE GT of the year in Arizona, so if you can attend, you are more
than welcome to do so. Those wishing more information or to sign up to
attend can Email me at

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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