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Wylin: Chicago GT - Thanks for the fun!
Tue Sep 3 14:23:26 2002
To: all
Other then the overly loud meeting spot I thought the GT went great! We ended up chatting in a park-type area
Then going back and meeting more people then hanging out in a hotel room bs'ing the evening away.

Everyone had great stories to share and it was good fun. I want to thank everyone for attending, the list includes:
Myronides, Plato, Solaron, Katrana, Boyardee, Faille, Humble, Shon, Snappy, Natilena, Maimer, Lania, Ambrose, Taz, Lorax, and finally myself.
Biggest thanks to Myro for the job of planing and being the leader of the pack!

I hope we can do it again next year!

Katrana: GT Fest Weekend
Tue Sep 3 17:06:36 2002
To: all
I'm with Wylin, I just wanna say thanks to all of those that were at the Chicago GT (see Wylin's note;) ) and...

I wanna thanks all of those that went to the Cincy RenFest GT:) Mael, Vex, Sylt, Mylo, DuKaron, Theoden, Faille,
Humble, and Solaron (even tho he had to come:P) It was quite a blast, we must do it again!!

Faille: Both GT's
Tue Sep 3 19:29:24 2002
To: all
I agree! It was most fun! I've been to a few gt's now, and this one ranked right up there!
We definitely have to do this again. Thanks to everyone who drove from all ends of the US and Canada for coming.

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