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Acting a Bit Too Wyld

This log was created and edited by DarkClaw (Star) of the Chosen of Fate.

Kaldred removes his shirt.
Kaldred stops using an elven chain shirt.
Kaldred gets on the table.

You say (in common), 'Put that back on!'.

Kaldred sings.

Kelanea covers her eyes.

Garland says (in old-common), 'Come now Kaldred'.

DarkClaw throws Kaldred's shirt at him.

Garland says (in old-common), 'Your crossing a few lines here'.

Kaldred ... 'I'm ... too sexy for my shirt... too sexy for my......'
Kaldred stops using a pair of leather pants.
Kaldred wiggles his bottom.

You say (in common), 'GACK!!'.

Kaldred arrives from the east.
Kaldred stops using a pair of leather pants.
Kaldred wiggles his bottom.
Kaldred wears a pair of leather pants on his legs.
Kaldred coughs.

Natilena says (in common), 'uhm.. ok'.

Kaldred leaves east.

Triston says (in common), 'and its not even cold out'.
Triston says (in common), 'and its shriveled'.

Lania raises an eyebrow.
Lania says (in common), 'umm....'.

Triston grins evilly.
Triston begs Natilena for money.

Natilena says (in common), 'begging now? oooo.. I like that'.

Lania is getting scared.

Triston gets naked and says, "let the fun begin!"

Kaldred slaps Triston across the face, leaving a red handprint.

Garland growls.

Triston stops using the flashy electrum amulet.
Triston stops using a fur hat.
Triston stops using the rainbow rock crystal bracelet.
Triston stops using a heavy rod.
Triston stops using a leather shirt.
Triston stops using an animal hide sash.
Triston stops using Nydia's Mark of Honor.
Triston stops using a pair of fur gloves.
Triston stops using a pair of reinforced leather sleeves.
Triston stops using a pair of quilted cloth commoner's pants.
Triston stops using the glossy chalcedony ring.
Triston stops using the magnificent agate amulet.
Triston stops using the ornate amber bracelet.
Triston stops using the grimy topaz ring.
Triston stops using a quilted cloth robe.
Triston stops using a ball of bright red light.

Kaldred screams loudly!

Natilena says (in common), 'eep!'.

Triston wiggles his bottom.

Natilena spanks Triston playfully.

Kaldred has fled!

Triston starts moaning.

Garland yells (in old-common), 'Ok, what is with the GH and men getting naked!? >:P'.

Kaldred yells (in common), 'Look, i'm the only ELF that's getting naked.'.

Triston yells (in common), 'im not a a god'.

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