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Thunderoad: The further adventures
Wed Jan 30 08:22:30 2002
To: all
The great western road, will often take you south for many miles. And so it
carried me, to the Centaur village, where again I met my friend Maxcivio. He
had been travelling with Zappa the magling to these parts, and apparently was
no involved in a squabble with a local ranger (if ever a ranger can be
considered 'local') who had sold him some rather mangy muskrat pelts,
assuring him that they would bag him at least 100 gold pieces each in
Midgaard, or Loth-Lorien. "Well, can imagine my surprise..." Maxcivio
began to tell me, "When I laid down 60 in gold to the man, in expectation of
future profits, and an old grizzled trapper near by let out a terrible laugh.
I asked him what he thought was so humorous, and then he revealed to me these
rags weren't worth a shilling anywhere! Let alone in the good markets."
"And by the time we turned round he'd vanished into the forest." Said Zappa
"We're about to give chase,..will you join us?" I chuckled myself a little at
my friends misfortune, "Leave off, Maxcivio, theres better game then that
ranger,...why you're now standing only a few miles from the ancient Wyvern
Tower, where I'm bound,...break off the persuit and join me." They both
declined,...Never cross an elf, their memories are sharp and long, and their
will just as determined when they've set it to something. And they passed
into the forest after him. I had tarried too long with my friends, and night
was begining to set in when I reached the old Tower. Through the patches of
thick fog, you could make out the ancient grey battered stones, and masonwork
of the fortress. Many a young adventurer placed his raft in that dark moat to
risk great peril, and win fame and gold within the towers halls before me.
And now it was my turn. (more to come) Thunderoad.

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