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Tynian: Forum

Thu Mar 21 19:31:25 2002
To: all

I would like to meet with anything that wants to provide input on TFC's future direction. The time will tentatively be on Saturday, March 23, at 11:00am mud-time. I would like to use this opportunity to find out from you what is right about TFC, and what things you would like to see chagned, as well as what you'd like to get from the game.

This is a serious discussion, and the information will aid me in deciding how to move forward. Constructive comments would be appreciated.

I'll be somwhere in the guild. This will be an "unstructured" event, in that you can stop by and provide input and feedback. I will be mostly listening and taking notes, so if I don't say a lot, it's not because I'm ignoring you.

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