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Tynian: FLIs and Attendants
Fri Jul 26 22:19:30 2002
To: all
I was recently questioned about how I decide which FLIs get Attendants.
I can understand the curiousity. Here are the general guidelines:

1. The following must be among the most active. I want the Attendant
to be exposed to followers as a FLI-in-training. A FLI can be the
greatest trainer in the world, but without followers to interact with, a
vital component is missing.

2. I avoid promoting an Attendant into a following that they were in as
a mortal. I think that it's useful to gain following experience outside
of the following(s) the character was in as a mortal.

3. The FLI must have been a FLI for a while. They will be better able
to impart knowledge if they weren't just promoted themselves.

4. The FLI must be willing to take on a specific Ambassador, and that
Ambassador must be willing to work for a given FLI.

5. The FLI mustn't have any recent black marks against him/her.

6. The FLI must be sufficiently active.

I tend to choose from whichever FLIs are online at the time that meet
the above guidelines. Given multiple choices, I may choose a FLI that I
feel is a better match for a given Ambassador. Or, I may choose a FLI
that hasn't had an Attendant in a while. Or I may just arbitrarily


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