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Cordir: What Fate is or is not
Fri Jul 26 21:22:24 2002
To: All those whose swords run red with blood
I'm often told that Fate is not "neutral" enough. That Fate needs to be
more pacifist. That hunters feel that we should blithely get the heck
out of their way, when they seek to hunt and kill those we travel with.
In the past, when we were Hearth (a long-gone PK model of complete
pacifism) Fate fled from any combat. Then Hearth went away as a model.
Over time, we have been forced to change, as the world changed around us.
We took on alliances on both sides of the alignment spectrum, deliberately,
to maintain a neutral stance. We aided anyone who had not intentionally
done us harm. "Fate" has long been synonymous with willingness to help,
to teach, to equip, to corpse rescue, to do whatever is needed.

As we have been forced to change in a world more and more hostile, with
hunters becoming bored with fewer targets, I have allowed the Chosen to
stand their ground when their groups are attacked. I have created the
Blades, the Hands, and the Mystics of Fate, all of whom are permitted
to actively utilize the justifications we are given. Yet still one thing
remains ever constant. We are SENTRY. We cannot initiate. We can only
retaliate for the harms done us.

When we fled, we were named cowards.
When we stand our ground, we are called 'justification-baiters' and worse.
What we are, is what we have always been. Neutrals. Sentry.

The Chosen is made up of many individuals, and I respect each's right to
decide for themselves the use of their own Justification. It is not our
job as Neutrals or Sentry to obligingly hop out of the way when a hunter
of either alignment attacks our group. Many Chosen will. Some won't.
I stand by their choice. We aren't your doormats, to wipe your feet on
as you pass by in search of prey.


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