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Kerriariadne: a Fantastic Achievement

Mon Mar 4 04:26:07 2002
To: all

Yes, the usual Love Fest that occurs when one of my former brothers or sisters does something remarkable has already happened, however I will congratulate Craige on his fantastic achievement as well.

In rare form, Craige actually attacked Thingone by himself. In similar rare form, Thingone's link decided to go screwy just a few seconds prior to Craige's valiant and daring feat. (Faulty links happen, and I do not make any illicit leaps of faith or logic here.) Thingone was close, and Craige wasted no time in getting to the room where Thingone was already engaged with Emperor War'loov, and decided to add his own hits to those of the emperor's. War'loov delivered the death-dealing hit, leaving the
sweetest of moments dreamed of by any lucky opportunist.

Thingone mobdied while linkdead, and, praise Nash, Craige enjoyed the role of "lucky opportunist," there to snag the corpse. Craige also confirmed that it is not Conclave policy to return restrings, nor is it Conclave policy to return "linkdead corpses", both statements extremely contrary to those which Rath clung to in his similar demise a
few weeks ago. Now we all know, at least. Of course, that situation was somewhat different, as the battle between Thingone and Rath raged across several rooms, and carried on many rounds, until Rath's link went screwy.

In any case, it is done, and an old lesson re-taught. Let us be reminded to stay on our toes. Everyone is vulnerable.


The Booga has spoken.

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