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Eeny Meeny Miney Mo *

Log created by Vex.

20 players.
Hum [ Th:24 Ra:30 Sh:30 ] Shon Lin, Scholar and King Pudding. -CoE- Wisdom!
Elf [ Demigod ] Myronides Starym: God of the Elves
Hel [ God ] Khore.
Hum [ Wa:17 Cl:30 ] DarkClaw, Chosen Star of Fate. -= Garland =-
Hel [ Th:30 ] Nyx: Faileas Dhan, Ebon Hand of Fate.
Elf [ ELF ] Izzy the Elf. Tel'Quessir
Elf [ Wyld Eraic Dhan ] Kaldred Triat Master, Chosen Blade of Fate *Club 87*
Dwa [ Wa:17 Cl:30 ] Ink Panther: Think Pink. -=WarD=-
Dwa [ Demigod ] Athorne The hammer of Righteousness
Dwa [ Sh:30 ] Zahar'able the nasty little cuss.
Elf [ Demigod ] Kerriariadne Bala'Bandienne, Lord of The Dark
Hum [ Ambassador ] Clue: newbies are Clue-less only by choice
Hel [ Wa:22 Cl:30 ] Quarnel, master of Tai Chi and Chai Tea *El Fate*
Hel [ Wa:28 Cl:30 ] Kaleyah Wraithverge Salemonte, Darkling Lancer *DT*
Hum [ Lesser Goddess ] Cordir: Fate. Stormreaver. Beware of snakes.
Elf [ Ma:27 Th:25 Ra:25 ] Natilena Athsien, Squishy Mage. Tel'Quessir
Elf [ Ra:27 Ma:27 Th:27 ] Ananasi Aleitros. Dark closet. No scorpion. Fate
Hum [ Th:16 Ra:26 Cl:26 ] Abe Stormreaver walks Blade in Hand with *Fate*
Hum [ Grim Warder ] Vex Ironwolf, the Inquisitor of Coven *Club 87*
Dwa [ Saint ] Wylin, Authorized Wisdom Dealer (Get Some!)*+CoE+*

RayRay gossips (in common), 'Sabin killed me for no good reason'.

Zahar gossips (in common), 'Bliss can reject me now then let me ask'.

Skie gossips (in common), 'PK's happen here'.

Minion gossips (in common), 'Since when do you need a reason to kill somebody?'.

Khore gossips, 'Eeny.'.

Cordir gossips, 'You're not anathema, Tycho. You were labelled "Pesky and rude". Not Anathema.'.

RayRay gossips (in common), 'i know but i wanted to be friends'.

Khore gossips, 'Meeny.'.

DarkClaw gossips (in common), 'Uh-oh....everybody DUCK!'.

Khore gossips, 'Miney.'.

You stand up.
You are surrounded by a white aura.

Skie gossips (in common), 'Doesn't make a diff to some people ray'.

You gossip (in common), '*casts sanct*'.
You rest.

Players near you:

Zahar gossips (in common), 'listen Im not going to grovel to get off your bad list for killing your mage 2 years ago'.

Khore has transferred you.

Khore's Office
[Exits: none]
(Intense Dark Red Aura) Khore is here.
(Light Red Aura) (White Aura) Rhiannyon smiles brightly at you and says, 'Hi!!'

Khore gossips, 'Mo.'.

Khore utters the words, 'fuyh'.
Khore's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** you!
That really did HURT!
You sure are BLEEDING!

<58hp(558) 148ma(286) 547mv(547)(21587) 26181gp ft:none > *** YOU LOST SOME GOLD ***

Khore utters the words, 'fuyh'.
Khore's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** you!
You have been KILLED!!

This visit to the afterlife brought to you by Khore.

* For those European players who may not be familiar, this phrase is part of a children's rhyme used for selecting a target: "Eeny Meeny Miney Mo , catch a Tiger by the Toe, if he hollers, let him go, Out spells Y O U!"

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