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Duvel: Win 10K! Enter here!
Mon Jul 22 01:59:33 2002
To: all except evils
I'm in need of a new title. I've had mine since worshipping
Robert as his first follower, on the day he was promoted to
Demigod (13 Oct 1998). Before this, I followed Kalten, Keeper
of the Ivory Rose, who not only yanked me from newbiehood
(some say with little success), but also gave me the title

Now, I need suggestions for titles. The word "Unity" is a
requirement. The words "Ivory" and "Warlock" are desired.
Clever use of "IPS" is optional.

Now that I've laid claim to most of the characters available
to you for a title, I'll leave you to it. The best title wins,
on condition that I like it too :)

Judge's decision is final. No correspondence will be entered
into. Employees of evil do not qualify. This competition
closes on 31 July, when I won't be online (I'm moving house),
so it doesn't really matter. Prizes subject to availability
(if I can't spend 10k, I have a bigger problem than you,

Ideally, e-mail your entries to Notes
might annoy others, or get missed.

Duvel, Winged Warlock of Unity

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