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Maurice's Mercenaries
The Rescue of Garath, as told by Duvel

Date: Thu Oct 11, 2002, around 5am mud time

Cast: Garath: Wa:15 Sh:20, Duvel: Wa:27 Sh:27, Snarf: Wa:30 Cl:30

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Duvel, Winged Warlock of Unity

It was a quiet day, on which I hadn't intended to do much strenuous work. As Fate would have it, I stumbled upon an ally in distress. A peaceful day was shattered.

"Thank goodness!" yelled Garath. His evident relief surprised me - he must know how weak and slow I am, for an Aarakocran. But at least I was a friendly face, which is what Garath needed.

Garath told a tale of woe and misfortune. Maurice had picked him out, and flung him into a room with eight mercenary guards. The guards, keeping a careful watch, pounced upon Garath and killed him instantly.

Guessing that this was the work of the Trading Posts' rowdy mercenaries, and knowing that Garath's corpse could be found in "A Wide Hallway", I, accompanied by Snarf da Gottagio, searched every nook and cranny. We discovered keys hidden in desks, secret rooms, and passages nobody had been through in years. We choked on the fumes of the vats deep in the cellars. After having questioned every student, interrogated every instructor, and beating Fennoch the thief for non-cooperation, I decided to go to the Adventurer's Inn, where rumour had it another secret passage was to be found.

My reception there was not good. Even Phaeter the Aarakocran turned all aggressive, and Olwin the Innkeeper was, well, not very hospitable. Perhaps Fennoch had been a friend of theirs.

With such colourful characters on my tail, I discovered the secret passage, but to no avail. I feared the corpse might decompose, and the valuables never be found again, when I remembered once seeing a door between the clerks selling black spiked stuff and brigadine leatherwear. This was one place we hadn't yet searched.

Rushing there, with Olwin's merry ruffians following, I unlocked the door, and cautiously entered. Before me, was the wide hallway I'd been looking for, complete with eight satisfied-looking mercenaries, keeping watch over the corpse of Garath. This was the place! They didn't notice me, because of the invisibility potion I'd sipped, and I had some time to rearrange my baggage to accommodate the corpse.

As I reached for the remains of my friend, Snarf - never the subtlest of clerics, barged in, and the guards immediately attacked him. I, without thinking, assisted Snarf. In the mayhem that followed, Snarf managed to collect the corpse, but as I fled the scene the last thing I saw as I looked over my shoulder was one of the roguish mercenaries wielding the rare antique katana that I'd recently obtained. My own hands were empty...

The adventure was not over. With eleven folk hunting us, intent on doing to us what they had done to Garath, we had to discover which of the mercenaries had replaced his mace with my katana, and recover it. After a series of harrowing battles - first to deal with the ingrate Olwin and his unfriendly friends, and then to deal with at least a few of the brutish mercenaries, we walked back to the Hall of Unity. Corpse recovered. Katana recovered. Us, recovering from the fate inflicted upon us by the incessantly snickering Maurice, and his band of merry mercenaries.

Duvel, Winged Warlock of Unity

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