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Bliss: Yes, it's time for the Dating Game!
Thu Oct 24 11:28:14 2002
To: all

A handsome Elf, somewhat evil and not at all diabolical (I think), seeks a
non-Giant, non-Ogre, non-Dwarf, non-Minotaur female with High+ Int, and who is
sassy or shy. He enjoys walks in the park, moonlit dancing, and slaughtering Orcs.

If you are a female that is interested in becoming a contestant in the Dating Game,
and feel you could be this Elf's dream date, post me a note by Sunday, Oct. 27th midnight.
The lucky girl will win an all expense paid date of her choosing, subject to
certain restrictions and limitations :) A chaperone will be hired should the couple so desire.
It's fun! So hurry and post your notes as only three eligible bachelorettes will be chosen.

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