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The Dalaran Bitchfest

Dalaran: Kaldred of Fate
Wed May 29 23:41:52 2002
To: all

Kaldred the ordain of Cordir is a weapon stealer.
I highly recomend Cordirs Ordain return my silly weapon.
Weapons come and go.
I am eternal.....

Kaldred: Dalaran

Thu May 30 00:25:41 2002
To: all

You (84) attacked by Dalaran (90) on Thu May 30 02 00:14:14.
You (84) attacked by Dalaran (90) on Thu May 30 02 00:14:09.
You (84) attacked by someone on Thu May 30 02 00:13:53.
You (84) attacked by Dalaran (90) on Wed May 29 02 23:54:47.
You (84) attacked by someone on Wed May 29 02 23:54:44.
You (84) attacked by Dalaran (90) on Wed May 29 02 23:53:54.
Need i mention how you tried to trick Aslan into being killed? Dont whine over public channels about actions that are justified.

Zakarious: kaldred

Thu May 30 00:48:56 2002
To: all

Let us be clear kaldred, you jacked dalaran's weapon before he tried to steal from you. Additionally this was not the first time you hung around watching a fight which you could not participate in, only to steal weapons or grab corpses. You were clearly seeking to get a just or involve yourself in a fight without due cause.

Dalaran: Kaldred the fool

Thu May 30 18:35:51 2002
To: all

Kaldred has posted a note that is rather deceitful. He would have you believe I attacked
him. This is not the case. I never initiated an attack against Kaldred.
After the dishonorable Ordain of Fate stole my weapon. I decided payback was in order.
So I robbed him. Robbed him blind. This is only a beginning, i'm not through with
Fate yet. I want my weapon returned.
Only a fool would see my previous note for a whine instead of what it is.
..... A Warning.


Solaron: Dalaran/Kaldred

Fri May 31 06:05:55 2002
To: all

This doesn't concern the general populace of the world, Dalaran. I know it doesn't concern me in the least. If you want to get into details, that weapon once belonged to Kantor. Shouldn't you have returned it to him?

Tostig: Commotion

Fri May 31 23:15:30 2002
To: all

Directed to Dalaran and Zakarious:

One. The world does NOT need to know that Kaldred stole a weapon from you. We do NOT care. You are wasting our note space.
I see 5 notes about your stupid weapon Dalaran. I dont care about your weapon, i dont care who stole it. I dont want to know, and i KNOW i speak for many others. Why dont you just do us all a favor, and stop your whining? If you insist on seeking revenge, try to kill him. Otherwise, and quite plainly,

Two. Solaron, though i dont quite agree with you egging Dalaran on, I respect that you took a stand for your following member, and i'm sure he
appreciates that. However, and quite unfortunately, Dalaran and Zakarious both seem to have the mentality of small children, and will
make the rest of us suffer over the smallest things.

Three. Dalaran, you quite well know the rules of this game. Your level does not matter when concerning the fact that profanity is NOT tolerated.
I wish to see you get what you deserve for this offense, and furthermore, i would like to see everyone of these notes removed..including my own..
by a generous God+

A quite and throughally irritated,
Tostig Rhaeda

Jahar: Tostig. Respect for your Elders

Sat Jun 1 05:30:11 2002
To: all

What I see is a small low level char who should show some respect for characters that have been around infinetly longer than him. All the notes don't bother me at all, their sortof amusing. What DOES bother me is when a half-pint who doesn't know jack doesn't show proper respect to the players who made this mud what it is today. When you have been a character for 7 years, sometimes the most dominate char for periods of time, than you can critize. Till than. Shut Up.

Jahar Narishma, WarDancer

Grimlock: Jahar

Sat Jun 1 06:10:20 2002
To: all

Mind your tongue Jahar, this is my brother whom you insult, and you will be lucky if you grow half as strong, or cunning as he is.

Grimlock Rhaeda, unimpressed with Jahars words...

Cordir: My Ordained, Kaldred

Sat Jun 1 08:17:59 2002
To: all

I acknowledge that Dalaran is a player who has been part of the foundation environment of this world. I acknowledge that he has played for seven years. That neither puts him in the right, or makes his opinion more valuable than that of those who have played less, despite what Jahar may claim.

Dalaran's hatred towards the Chosen and towards me in particular is well known, and defies any logic. Before Kaldred's theft of his weapon, Dalaran had, that same evening, offered a bounty to anyone who would kill Aslan, and gave her location out to an Anathema to assist in their murder attempts. Dalaran has been on our Fjust in the past, and quite recently, attempted to steal and loot the corpse of Noctus.

Just as Dalaran has a reputation, so do we. Aslan is someone that the entire mud can look to for help, kindness, understanding, assistance, plague cures, etc. She has NEVER harmed a soul. Noctus has a deserved reputation for complete unselfishness, dropping anything to assist the young, the helpless, or the recently slain. He has put himself in harms way literally hundreds of times to perform CRs, take on oversized mobs, etc.

I find it ironic that one of the largest and oldest players on the game finds it needful to persecute individuals of this caliber. I think it speaks more of his character, than ours.

Kaldred has my full support of any action he wishes to take against Dalaran, as do my other Blades, Hands, and Mystics. Any reprisal is simply apropriate response for his aggression and malice.

Cordir, Lady of Fate

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