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Daelin: Crush, Kill, Destroy
Thu Dec 26 20:05:03 2002
To: all
Usually I'm not so full of myself as to write a note like this. But anyway, Kaldred approached me today
and tells me "You've been a bad boy, I have an fjust on you." Now why a member of a following is just on
me based off a single, failed attack, doesn't make any sense to me. But anyway, I proceed to tell him
that it was an accidental attack, in so much as that I don't hunt members of his following, and wasn't
aware of his affiliation at the time I attacked. Kaldred didn't believe me, in fact he egged me on. So
to make a long story short, I have decided that I will put my gloves back on, enter the ring, and for the
next two weeks go out of my way to attack Fate as much as humanly possible. To those of you in Fate, I
wish you a quick and painful death. To those who want me dead, this means I might just be leaving safe
rooms for the next couple weeks.

In the name of Anathema!

Daelin, Grand Knight of the Black Conclave

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