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Cordir: The Quest!

Tue Aug 20 00:16:53 2002
To: all

It began (almost) at noon (okay, so it was more like 11 am) Sunday, and ended at exactly Midnight on Monday. Nine teams started out, but on day two, it became clear that three groups were battling it out for the top prize! When the dust settled, here's how the points fell:

In Third Place, is Team Fate, with a combined score of 114 points.

In Second Place is Team Unity, with a combined score of 122!

And first place is taken by The Three Ladies (and a wolf), with a combined score of 124!

This quest was incredibly close, with the score actually TIED up until the last 5 minutes of the quest.

The first place prize = a named Amulet
The second prize place = a restring
The third place prize = a custom potion

Some of the participants included: Marisa, Lexie, DogDaze, Vex, Nitidus, Whoz, Kerson, Oook, Ananasi, Solaron, Katrana, Noctus, Pheonix, Rath, Spyder, and mysterious numbers of newbie mages who promptly gathered popcorn and purple geckos...

Again, thanks to all the participants, and I hope you enjoyed the quest!


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