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Mael: The Black Conclave
Mon Jun 3 15:56:49 2002
To: all
I have spent nearly my entire TFC career fighting the Conclave
in one form or another. Having said that, I believe few will
miss Molo or his following as much as I will. Much of TFC's
best history and many of its best areas can be attributed to
the Arch-Lich.

Mael, Patriarch of the Coven
Grale: The Black Conclave
Mon Jun 3 16:28:43 2002
To: all
I would also like to add my voice to Mael's. I too have spent my entire
existence on TFC in several guises fighting against the Conclave,
and I must say, the Realm will not be the same without you. I have
found you to be an honorable enemy, and a worthy foe, and hope
to someday achieve the level of skill displayed by your following
myself. You will be missed,

Grale, Astral Guide of Wisdom
Vex: The Black Conclave
Mon Jun 3 16:30:15 2002
To: all
Through the 4 years I've played on TFC, I've always had the same nemesis.
The Black Conclave hunting me, beating me up, and killing me on several
other occasions have molded me into the character that I am.
And I might add that no one but the Conclave has killed me - their mud skills
had gained them the well earned position as the strongest following in the
game for a very long period of time. I'll miss fighting them.
I'll do my best to mold the younger characters as the Conclave molded me.

Vex Ironwolf, Inquisitor of the Coven
Ptarchyzk: The Vanishings
Mon Jun 3 21:10:57 2002
To: all
It saddens me to see yet another Immortal and long known players
dissappear from the realm. I can read many things in these
Vanishings, and I can only hope that it's simply a matter of
needing medication to combat depression.

Thank you, Molo :Arch-Lich of the Black Conclave, for the stimulating
convsations that we have had. I hope you reconsider your retirement
and dissolution of the longest reigning and most well known Following
this game has ever seen.

If you choose to not continue your current existance, I wish you and
your's pleasure in whatever realms you inhabit.

Ptarchyzk, Forever and again TFC's Athiestic Muggle of TFC
Fistandan: Black Conclave
Tue Jun 4 18:41:31 2002
To: all
I am sad to see the Conclave vanish I have been a member for about 4 years
even though I don't play much I still like to log on and see members
I also have watched many people come and many people go
I have fough against the clave and with them and they was and in my eyes forever
will be the greatest following service to the arch-lich will always be there
even if I join another following I will always have conclave blood and respect for the members
many great wars have been fought with the clave and it's sad to see new
people that are just starting the game will never expereince them
only in memories and stories can people remember the clave
so to Molo the Arch-lich I say thank you for your time and
I hope you enjoy you final rest hopefuly ours paths will cross again
now and forever will be.......Fistandan Wizard of the Black Conclave
Duvel: Conclave
Wed Jun 5 08:55:04 2002
To: all
The Conclave was indeed a great following. 75% of my justs are against
Conclave members. PKstats speak for themselves. So do the DR raids.
As case study on how to create a following of highly skilled players,
and highly dangerous PKers, the Conclave is second to none. As much
as I never chose to follow Molo in any guise, for various reasons,
note of these reasons can deny Molo and (most of) his followers the
salute they deserve.

Duvel, Winged Warlock of Unity
Bashful: Conclave (more I know)
Wed Jun 5 12:02:51 2002
To: all
Just a quick one, to say congraatulations Molo
Most of my 7 years here have been spent fleeing or dying
to members of your following. Your following has made me stronger (through death and pain unfrotunately)
but stronger I am. For this I thank you and most of your 'servants'
I wish you the very best in other realms, as I am sure
you will conquer them as well (if you have not already done so)

Bashful, Ivory Tiger of the Coven
Xavier: A salute to the elite, praise to the elect
Wed Jun 5 18:33:04 2002
To: all
When I still danced in the realm of the mortal, the tune I danced to was that of the conclave.
As greatest tutor, my greatest aspiration my greatest appreciation goes to the Arch-Lich.
It is no easy task to take a single class cleric blindly floating under your wings and embrace him as one of the fold, for this dilligence I thank you.
Your parting will create a void, a place never filled, a spot never desecrated and forever remembered.
The fear, the awesome respect you incur on those surrounding you will not quickly vanish.
I forever will remember the praises to Nash that were lifted from the voices of those emissaries of truth who raised carcasses high into the air.
More died in your name than can be counted, and more truly lived under your banner than can be recalled.
To you, to your quorum of devout, I solute you. May you emblazen the same fear into other realms as you have cloaked this for so long.
May Lord Nash be Praised.
The Flesh Departed,
Droane: Thankyou.
Mon Jun 10 19:48:24 2002
To: all

Throughout my 4 years of playing tfc, not aslong as some but a fair amount of time.
I have seen nothing exceed Molo's dedication to tfc and the black conclave.
That is why i have spent most of my time within it.
The following, and molo himself were more of a tfc family..and they will all be missed.

Thankyou Molo for creating the following that kept me playing TFC.
Thankyou Conclave for giving me a home, and the chance to interact with the most skilled and experienced players on the game.

Droane, Sentry of the Black Conclave [NASH] [BOC]

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