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Clue: Immortality Petition

Sat Jun 29 16:31:48 2002
To: immortal (Posted with Clue's permission)

Clue has existed on TFC since late 1994. In the time since, i've played
other characters, but always come back to my favorite, Clue.

I've (finally) reached level 30 in both my classes, and have
achieved more than the required number of mobmasteries (81).

I have served under several great FLIs, including Cerebus,
Masher, Nicademus and, of course, Cordir. I have been helpful to
all who ask, especially newbies ... giving money, eq, spells when asked.

I feel i'm ready, having learned much by observation, to try the
next step ... so i'm posting this Petition.

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