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(located at port 4000)

Keat shouts (in common), 'YAY!!!'.
Bliss gossips, 'Congrats Clue!!!'.
Zazzy gossips (in common), 'Hail Clue!'.
Pug gossips (in common), 'gratz!'.
Vex gossips (in common), 'WOOOOOOOOOOOT GRATS CLUE!'.
Duncan gossips (in common), 'Gratz Clue'.
Lorax gossips (in common), 'gratz clue'.
Hork gossips (in common), 'gratz Clue.'.
Rubicant gossips (in common), 'yay'.
Fenrir gossips (in common), 'Gratz Clue!'.
Furnock gossips (in common), 'Gratz Clue!'.
Palin gossips (in common), 'W00T!!!!'.
Nalor gossips (in common), 'gratz Clue!'.
Taghk gossips (in common), 'YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'.
Keat shouts (in common), 'spam time'.

Icarus gossips (in common), 'Gratz!!!'.
Zazzy auctions (in common), '2k on helm'.
Someone gossips, 'HAIL AND CONGRATULATIONS, CLUE!!!!!'.
DogDaze gossips (in halfling), 'Gratz!'.

Brenick gossips (in common), 'WOW, congrats clue.  I guess i picked a good night to pop bnack in'.


Palin gossips (in common), 'Gratz Clue!!!!'.
Avelyn gossips (in common), 'GRATS CLUE!#'.

28 players.
Elf [ Wa:20 Th:20 Ma:20 ] Furnock Sweetleaf, Fated to be Mischievious
Hel [    Wa:13 Ma:11    ] Hork The Apprentice of Magic.
Elf [ Cl:19 Ra:15 Th:15 ] Mairu the Elf, Coven  -  -
Hel [    Ra: 4 Ma:16    ] Taghk, Page of the *Sun*, Prism Dagger of Truth
Hum [       Cl: 4       ] Duncan McCloud
Dwa [       Sh: 6       ] Zazzy the Dwarven Girl
Hum [    Wa:23 Cl:26    ] Nalor Ironwolf, Imperial Knight of the Coven
Hum [ Th:16 Ma:24 Wa:25 ] Palin: Cordir's Fated Apprentice *Blade/Taoi*
Hum [       Cl:13       ] Avelyn, (Anti-Green Bay Title)
Dwa [ Sh:24 Wa:26 Th:20 ] Uriel,    Vex is my concubine        Coven
Hum [ Ma:17 Wa:15 Th:15 ] Selene riding the Railes. *Dark*
Elf [     Fulminata     ] Fenrir Vindalf, Righteous Brother of Athorne
Aar [ Wa:30 Th:30 Sh:30 ] Keat iPs rightfully in the Funny Crew *Club 83*
Hum [ Ma:29 Wa:30 Th:30 ] Rubicant General, Conjurer of The Evil Chocolate Golem
Elf [ Ra:30 Ma:30 Th:30 ] Brenick, UA  *Sorliea*
Min [   Elnoar Elggur   ] Zakarious, Malla Ul'Jabbuk Faeruk d'lil Veldrin.
Dwa [    Wa: 4 Sh: 9    ] Kentesk the Dwarf
Dwa [ Th:27 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Lorax, Enlightened Priest of Wisdom       *Sybill*
Hum [    Wa:28 Sh:30    ] Pendrell, Spiritist of the Moon.
Elf [    Ra:19 Ma:20    ] Pug the Worldly, Just a little mage *ward*
Hum [  Lesser  Goddess  ] Bliss, Penguins are hazardous to your sleep.
Min [       Wa:11       ] Borok the Minotaur
Hum [      Ironwolf     ] Vex, the Grim Warder  *Lexie*  [96][Inquisitor]
Hum [    Demigoddess    ] Clue? with a Red Aura? .. Uh Oh (attending Coven)
Hum [ Th:29 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Abe Stormreaver walks blade in hand with Fate.
Dwa [    Wa:24 Sh:30    ] DogDaze advances inspite of being oppressed! *Coven*
Hum [ Ra: 3 Th:15 Ma:17 ] Icarus Tel'Nadorhuan

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