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Bliss: Results of Bliss Poll 2002 II - Part A
Tue Jul 16 11:04:47 2002
To: all

Thanks to all who voluntarily and not so voluntarily responded to this poll :)
When asked about current mortals, this is what was said:

Most Powerful:
29% - Lins
19% - Kain
10% - Vex
6% - Maimer, Vecna, Zakarious
3% or less - Mael, Kaldred, Tranquility, Whoz, Shazam, Froty, DeViant

Most Honorable:
33% - Noctus
30% - Keller
4% or less - Maimer, Kaern, Sicarian, Mael, Gytar, Lins, Nyx, Grismal, Froty, DeViant

Most Helpful:
31% - Noctus
16% - Keller
6% - Nyx, Solaron
3% or less - Aiken, Aslan, Whoz, Tranquility, Vex, Lorax, Gytar, Mael, Lins, Lexie, Elistan,
Grale, DeViant

Most Generous:
11% - Keat, Noctus
7% - Solaron, Clue, Kain, Lexie, Sylarn
4% or less - Lorax, Thingone, Keller, Aslan, Tranquility, Froty, Abe, Kaern, Rubicant,
Orpik, DeViant

(cont. Part B)
Bliss: Results of Bliss Poll 2002 II - Part B
Tue Jul 16 11:13:24 2002
To: all

23% - Clue*
10% - Silonch
7% - Bridget, Aslan, Lorax
3% or less - Marisa, DarkClaw, Lania, Riella, Azeworai, Indiga, Natilena, Sylarn,
Lexie, Tassadar, Lins, Noctus, Abe, DeViant, Bridget
* This poll was started before Clue was promoted, so Yay Clue!

21% - Neodis
14% - Lexie*
7% - Weezer
3% or less - Corri, Tirpitz, Natilena, Shon, Sybill, Katrana, Sylarn, Lorax, Keat,
Keller, Tara, Aries, Mon, Slick, Drazuk, Clumsyfool, DeViant
* "When she gets a location quest," says Kaldred

17% - Lins
13% - Dalaran
7% - Rath, Berrin, Mordith, Maldobar
3% or less - Valo, Galatea, Elistan, Brenick, Mon, Oswald, Izual, Ephiny,
Zakarious, Gup, Skeeve, DeViant, Cordir*
* Kaldred voted for Cordir (Can we watch his death? Pretty please!)

TFC has a bunch of "funniest" people, and no one got a majority of votes, but
here's who was listed:
Keat, Belsambar, Pez, Slusk, Daelin, Zeks, Doc, Kaldred, Mon, Arianas, Izual,
DeViant, Kain, Tassadar, Gup, Kaern, Empedocles, Mandrake, Tiax, Shylok,
Shon, Nigel, Bane, Froty, Clumsyfool, Neodis

(cont. Part C)
Bliss: Results of Bliss Poll 2002 II - Part C
Tue Jul 16 11:22:17 2002
To: all

21% - Vex
14% - Mael, Zakarious
7% - Kain
4% or less - Mordith, Gup, Maimer, Belsambar, Medeuitnow, Whoz, Maldobar,
Izual, Khorlan, Lexie, Lins, DeViant

31% - Nyx
12% - Zakarious
8% - Mael, Kain, Bane
4% or less - Tassadar, Gup, Doc, Aries, Rubicant, Maimer, Palmer, Ptarchyzk,

(cont. Part D!)
Bliss: Results of Bliss Poll 2002 II - Last Part! *cheer*
Tue Jul 16 11:48:16 2002
To: all

The following information was gathered concerning past and present mortals:
All time Most Powerful:
31% - Stouthbound
8% - the Lich, Maldobar, Tylorn, Qithlorien, Vecna
4% or less - Athorne, Awhanil, Snare, Dove, Orpik, Daelin, Ozymandius, Maimer

All time Scariest:
26% - Maldobar
9% - Azra, Qithlorien, Stouthbound, Tylorn
4% or less - Madman, the Lich, Huey, Grismal, Maimer, Welverin, Ravaged,
Sprout, Kain

All time Funniest:
36% - Pez
5% or less - Khore, Coleman, Cerebus, Empedocles, Shylok, Doc, Weezer,
Sadow, GaNn, Kaern, Elistan, Bane, Clumsyfool, DeViant

All time Favorite Evil Lesser Goddess Whose Name Starts with the Letter "B"
100% - Bliss

* Although this poll was limited to current mortals (other than last four categories),
you can see some people just insisted on naming inactive or retired mortals, and even
some Immortals sneaked into this poll (remember, we want to see Kaldred's death).
And, some people insisted on voting for themselves in every category *cough* DeViant *cough*.
Last, not everyone who was polled responded to every question, except of course, the last
one :O

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