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The Subtleties of Blood

Someone gossips, 'HAIL KHORE! WHOO HOO!!'.
Someone gossips, 'Anyone?'.

Wistom gossips (in common), 'CHEER KHORE'.

Khore gossips, 'You guys hurt my feelings.'.

Rolken gossips (in common), 'Yay Khore!'.

Sharn gossips (in common), 'Hello Lord Khore'.

Wistom gossips (in common), 'i tired to help '.

Slick gossips (in common), 'Hiya'.

Khore gossips, 'Now, I'm going to have to hurt you. And not gentle, like before....'.
Khore gossips, 'Good morning.'.

Qut gossips (in gnomish), 'Morning, Khore.'.

Melkor gossips (in common), 'morning Khore'.

Someone gossips, 'Quick, someone get Khore is daily dose of fruit and blood!'.

Khore gossips, 'Fruit?'.
Khore gossips, 'Blood oranges. :)'.

Gaz gossips (in elven), 'Oh.. my favorite.'.

Wistom gossips (in common), 'i have the fruit and he can have "some" of my blood'.

Khore gossips, 'Tiger blood is too sour.'.

Wistom gossips (in common), 'cry'.

Khore gossips, 'Coven blood is too chocolatey.'.

Rolken gossips (in common), 'Try some of mine?'.

Wistom gossips (in common), 'how about neutral blood?'.

Pol gossips (in common), 'any opinions on Irish blood?'.

Khore gossips, 'I'm a fan of Irish blood. :)'.
Khore gossips, 'Unaligned blood is too bland.'.

Mavourneen gossips (in common), 'irish blood is merry and tempermental'.

Khore gossips, 'FoLK Blood is pretty good, but too new.'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'evening boys and girls'.

Tiberius gossips (in common), 'What about my blood Khore?'.

Khore gossips, 'Chosen blood is silky and sticky.'.

Wistom gossips (in common), 'Hiya Lanfear'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'errr?'.

Tiberius gossips (in common), 'And stinky'.

Mavourneen gossips (in common), 'coven blood is just right'.

Tiberius gossips (in common), '*Smell lanfear* *gag*'.

Khore gossips, 'Coven blood, too chocolatey.'.
Khore gossips, 'Don't even get me started with conclave blood.'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'Unity blood.. has got it all :)'.

Khore gossips, 'Old and rotting.'.

Mavourneen gossips (in common), 'thats just plain bitter'.

Wistom gossips (in common), 'i want to know why tiger blood is sour '.

Khore gossips, 'Maimer. :)'.

Rolken gossips (in common), 'heh'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'ohh.. Preacherrr blooood!'.

Mavourneen gossips (in common), 'his blood is to pure even for himself'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'MUST be divine!'.

Khore gossips, 'Hmm, Darkling blood... I can never find it at night.'.

Tiberius gossips (in common), ':P'.

32 players.
Elf [ Wyld Enchantress ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic *Fate* *Taoiseach*
Hum [ Ma:21 Ra:15 ] Mavourneen Lunar Eclipse of the Ashen Moon
Hum [ Assassin ] Tylorn, Minion of the Arch-Lich
Hum [ Cl:23 Wa:15 ] Nazzuk is spooky, scary, and Dark
Min [ Th: 1 ] Zoind the Minotaur
Elf [ Cl:21 Wa:15 ] Lania Athsien-Goldleaf, Demiurgical Matron of WarD
Dwa [ Th:18 Sh:30 Wa:24 ] Wistom The Choo Choo Tiger (MB)
Hum [ Th: 2 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Alucard is hungry, feed him! >Tucson< :NH:
Dwa [ Wa:29 Sh:26 Th:20 ] Uriel, "I tell you when to stop..."
Gno [ Cl:19 Wa:15 ] Sharn, Stargazer of - Fate -
Hlf [ Wa:19 Cl:21 ] Lomu the passionate telnet user
Elf [ Ma:26 Wa:15 ] Silonch, Witch of the Black Conclave.
Hum [ Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Alyria, Mystical Lady *Rath*
Hum [ Wa: 6 ] Aces the Boy
Elf [ Wa: 5 ] Hexum the Elf
Hum [ Lesser Goddess ] Cordir's CTS is acting up today. OUCHey Fate!
Elf [ Th: 6 ] Gaz the Elf Maiden
Hel [ Vampyre God ] Khore.
Elf [ Ra:22 Cl:26 Th:21 ] Tiberius Xendrilius.
Gia [ Sh:16 Wa: 9 ] Kleitor, your average Giant
Hel [ Borean Court Mage ] Pol O'Song. Good Guy of Passion. *ND:8-0*!
Dwa [ Th:29 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Lorax, wisdom
Elf [ Cl:28 Ra:17 ] Slick Willy, rides the ASH MOON across the sky!!!
Ogr [ Sh:24 Wa:20 ] Melkor, *Neysha's Pet* Dark Beast
Hel [ Ma:20 Th:20 Ra:23 ] Trell the Sorcerer *Coven*
Gno [ Cl:22 ] Winne............ Dark matter?
Gno [ Wa:10 Cl:15 ] Qut, WarD.
Elf [ Ra:13 Th:16 Cl:17 ] Aravan Drow, Nashite Teacher in the Order of Draoi
Elf [ Th: 8 Ma:20 Ra:17 ] Rolken: Elendil en'FoLK
Khore gossips, 'Unity blood coagulates too fast.'.

Mavourneen gossips (in common), 'so what is it you preffer then Khore'.

Khore gossips, 'Shadow blood doesn't have enough body.'.
Khore gossips, 'Sigh'.
Khore gossips, 'Sap. :('.

Cordir gossips, 'Sapphyre's blood, I'd guess, Mavourneen'.

Wistom gossips (in common), 'how about myro's elven blood?'.

Khore gossips, '*shake*'.
Khore gossips, 'Nature :)'.

Sharn gossips (in common), 'elven blood has pointy ears'.

Khore gossips, 'And it's Saphyre, Sapphyre was someone else *poke*'.

Cordir gossips, 'Sowwy. :-('.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'Riiisaaaa blooood :)'.

Khore gossips, 'No, Risa bloodied *me*.'.

It is 9am on Jawiliea the 20th, the month of the Mortal Realm,in the year 2560.
TFC started up at Sun Oct 27 12:53:19 2002 \ The system time is Wed Oct 30 11:48:48 2002

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'Quid pro quo, Lord vampire'.

Khore gossips, 'I'm an evil vampire. I sent her off to charm school knowing that they'd never graduate her.'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'Wistom blood!... for reciting scroll iun fron of me!'.

Mavourneen gossips (in common), 'that was smart'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'thats NO excuse!'.

(End of conversation)

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