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(located at port 4000)

this log is from natilena's point of view...
Someone gossips, 'OH NO'.

Someone gossips, 'Someone gave me Ladislaw's decapitated head!'.

Gawain gossips (in common), 'Vorax  you want chocolate'.

Someone juggles Ladislaw's decapitated head.

Someone juggles Ladislaw's decapitated head.

Someone juggles Ladislaw's decapitated head.

Someone juggles Ladislaw's decapitated head.

Ephiny gossips (in common), '*cackles with insane glee*'.

Mikey gossips (in common), 'hehehe'.

Nigel gossips (in common), 'wow, keep it as a decoration'.

You say (in common), 'EWWWWWW'.

Ptarchyzk gossips (in common), '*cackle*'.

Ephiny gossips (in common), 'Identify it?'.

Ephiny gossips (in common), 'oedit the vnum and alter it to your likes'.

Nigel gossips (in common), 'where is this guy, i want to take him, he sounds 
like an easy kill'.

Lictilon nudges Ptarchyzk impatiently.

Vorax steps out of the shadows to stand before you.

Bliss enters the room carrying a large cauldron of bubbling chocolate.

Bliss bursts into tears.

Nigel gossips (in common), 'or a wimp'.

Bliss says, 'Look at me!'.

Vorax comforts Bliss.

Ptarchyzk looks at Bliss.
Vorax looks at Bliss.

l bliss
Her hair pulled back into a tight braid, this Mistress glares at you.
Her violet eyes pierce your soul, but then her face softens and her eyes
sparkle when she caresses your soft, supple skin.
She cracks her whip a little too close for comfort....
Bliss is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Bliss is in perfect health.

Bliss is using:
[worn around neck]  the sizzling obsidian amulet
[worn on body]      a quilted cloth formal dress
[worn as shield]    a large iron shield
[worn about waist]  a quilted cloth sash
[worn around wrist] the splendid jacinth bracelet
[worn around wrist] an animal hide wrist guard
[held]              Ladislaw's decapitated head
[worn with pride]   (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Goddesshood

Vorax laughs.

You say (in common), 'eep!'.

You say (in common), 'ewwww'.

Ptarchyzk comforts Bliss.

Lictilon smirks.

Bliss sniffs sadly.

You comfort her.

Bliss gossips, 'I am holding Ladislaw's homage'.

Lictilon says (in common), 'we need some music'.

Ptarchyzk tries to break dance, but nearly breaks his neck!

You say (in common), 'that is really.. the most awful thing I've seen in a 

Bliss gossips, 'He was a great, great chocolatier'.

Mikey gossips (in common), '*bow ladislaw's head*'.

Ptarchyzk cants, 'heya Tynian. :>'.

Nigel gossips (in common), 'bet he tastes good too'.

Bliss nods.

Gawain gossips (in common), 'i'll fix that head '.

Vorax eats a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

Vorax licks his lips and smiles.

Bliss grins evilly at Vorax.

Gawain gossips (in common), 'like i did to all the bunnies'.

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