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Eriq: The Black Rose Pt1
Mon Apr 15 16:23:23 2002
To: All Wisdom
In the garden of existence, the black rose abides by the power of the
immortals, which has provided their subjects with a sensual beauty that
embraces the souls of the world. The dreams of mortals never surprise
them as each taste and delight is accounted for like the bounty of
flowers weaved throughout the garden under the watchful eye of the

When one of these beautiful creations is disturbed, a self-defense
system engages and the peaceful flower grows a defensive brier to
protect itself from the constant threats against it and when the attacks
becomes weary, the rose arms itself with thorns and strikes back at the
unwanted aggressors. Dark petals enshroud the light to weather against
the unwanted storm of fools who have conjured sins and volleyed
assaults against the society of those who walk in the strength of our

I Eriq, the Dark Viking Priest of Cleansing and the pursuer of the depth
of Kelanea's soul, has become a thorn in this following's side who have
decided to make war upon us. These are not innocent souls who have
wondered into the middle of a battle, no they are the soldiers who carry
on trifle commands in order to seek my followings pain. This error in
Wisdom lends them to believe they should use every measure of means
necessary against us, including to conspire with known villains to
murder us, they desecrate our corpses and with violence attacked to
sever our heads from our stem.

Eriq: The Black Rose Pt2
Mon Apr 15 16:29:45 2002
To: All Wisdom
(cont from Pt1)
A priest carries the mantle of his god and I bring the fury of his anger
to those who seek us harm. If your banner has the crest of Wisdom
upon its field then you are enemy and deserve misfortune in your lives,
but those who seek a peaceful cohabitation in the garden the immortals
have given us I have no qualms with you and will live in peace, but
threaten that imbalance and upon my Lord's word I shall cleanse you of
your sins against us. My refuge is in the power of my god and the
sanctuary of my love.

The path in the garden has twisted in shape over the years, but my
resolve is only for those who seek to trample on those who bloom once
the sun has left the horizon. And for those who have sinned against us,
may your eyes close upon your death and the darkness you enter
cleanse you of your actions. Those who feel innocent in the eyes of the
gods should flee the banner of Wisdom and its jumbled ways and then
we shall rejoice with your new freedom.

Dark Viking Priest of Cleansing

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