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Tynian: Bard delay
Sat May 25 15:06:30 2002
To: all
Bard implementation is being delayed by two factors. First, any work that
I need to do in order to transition TFC to a new site will take precedence
over implementation. Second, the bard class will be different than other
classes, in that only one of its 3 classes (it is its own built-in triple
class) is leveled by killing mobs and gaining experience. The other
two classes will be leveled by other means.

I may be able to simplify implementation of the "other means," by employing
a database back-end to keep track of the details. I am experimenting with
this now, by moving some pre-existing functions over to database storage.
It's a bit of a diversion, but I think it's time well-spent.

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