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Tynian: Bard class testing
Sat May 11 11:40:42 2002
To: all
I am looking for people that have played here for at least two years,
and have experience with most of TFC's current classes, to help test
the upcoming bard class.

You will be playing a bard character, finding things that don't work
correctly, and providing input on class difficulty and power in relation
to the other classes.

It may not be possible to keep the character after the testing cycle has
been completed. Also, as a new class, things could change rapidly. You
could go from all powerful to nothing, or from nothing to nothing - 1,
in the space of hours or even minutes. :-) You may have to start over
multiple times, if the need arises. In other words, this could be a lot
of work.

If you are interested, send your resume to ''.
Please indicate how long you have played at TFC, and any other factors
that would make you an ideal tester. You'll need to actually go through
the effort of leveling the character. Don't apply if you can't put in
the time and effort.

I will select 6 testers among those that apply, based on the information
provided, and based in part upon my previous experiences with you, especially
in a testing context.

It will take a little while before I'm ready, but I'll want you to be ready
when I am.

Please submit your resume by Thursday, May 16th.


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