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Gytar: Bard Quest
Tue Sep 17 06:21:35 2002
To: all
Dear Bards of the Realm

In the past times, many Hero's were born and died. Also in the Dwarven
history, great wars have been fought. Indeed, many great Dwarven Hero's
and Living Legends are known. Now who would be the best to sing us a tale
about one of those great Dwarven Heroes? You, Bards of the Realm, you are.
Therfore, I start this quest for all Bards of TFC. Write me a poem or song
about a part of the Great Dwarven History and perform it to me. There are
a few rules:

1) The poem or song should be at least 16 lines.
2) Only bards may perform it, only 1 performance per bard character
3) The judge will be Gytar D'Alchemist of Unity
4) There will be prizes: The best poem or song will be rewarded with fifty
(five-zero) scores, divided in 25 spell scores and 25 skill scores. The
best runner-up will get 25 spell scores
5) Call me online when you are ready to perform it. Due to RL I cannot set
a date for a general theather hour. In approximately 1 week the judge will
choose a winner.

I wish you the best with writing, and I am looking forward to your performances

Gytar D'Alchemist of Unity

PS. I think that words like 'Unity','Ivory Rose','Gytar'(!),'D1', and 'Doctor'
might get you extra bonus points. Just a hint.

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