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Solaron: The Banner Contest
Thu Nov 7 19:28:19 2002
To: all

Sorry all, had a few problem with my computer to work out...
the TFC Banner Contest had 5 submittants with a total of 10 entries.

There were three (3) categories in which entries were judged:
1) Non-Flash Curiosity
2) Non-Flash Informative
3) Flash Informative
4) Flash Curiosity

Curiosity was defined as any banner that drew the viewers attention by "mystique"
or catchy images, while informative were those who listed mud stats, etc.

Cordir was the clear winner in non-flash informative!
Marisa was the clear winner in non-flash curiosity!
Wylin was the clear winner in Flash curiosity!
There were no entries for Flash informative!

The prizes are still TBA, applicants can get in touch w/me for more info.
The banners will be posted once a little problem with my PC is fixed.

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