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(located at port 4000)

Nitidus cants, 'gratz Arty!'.

Bridget gossips (in common), 'YEAHHHHH GRATZ ARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY'.

Artanis cants, 'thanks!'.

Cordir gossips, 'Congratulations, Artanis, on your promotion to Ambassador!!!'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'Congratulations, Artanis!'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'Gratzzz Artanis!'.

Nitidus cants, 'you on the real channel now!'.

Micah gossips (in common), 'gratz Artanis!'.

Grale gossips (in common), 'YEAH ARTANIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'.

Sin gossips (in common), 'gratz artanis.'.

Noctus gossips (in common), 'Grats Artanis!!'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'Congratulations Artanis'.


Doza gossips (in common), 'Congratulations Artanis!!!!'.

Weezer gossips (in aarakocran), 'gratz artanis'.

Grale gossips (in common), 'We always knew you'd make it, Arty!'.

Selene gossips (in common), 'Way to go artanis'.

Ptarchyzk cants, 'woo hoo!'.

Venthaladir gossips (in common), 'GRATZ ARTANIS!'.

Caligula gossips (in elven), 'yay...'.

** (And yes, I noticed you all beat me to that) ***

Artanis gossips, 'thank you :)'.

Ceres gossips (in elven), 'congrats'.
Weezer gossips (in aarakocran), 'heh'.

Esariston gossips (in common), 'Congratulations Artanis'.

Mofona gossips (in common), 'congrats'.

It is 1am on Ivyn the 9th, the month of the Shallow Graves,
in the year 2518.

TFC started up at Fri Feb 22 19:00:18 2002
The system time is Sat Feb 23 17:24:56 2002

33 players.
Elf [    Wa:20 Cl:24    ] Venthaladir.
Gno [       Cl: 4       ] Akkilian the Gnome
Hel [    Wa:16 Ma:25    ] Doza, Holy Conjurer from beyond the realm.*Tiger*
Hel [    Cl:12 Ra: 9    ] Mofona the Kissing Maiden
Elf [       Cl:22       ] Micah is quietly Tiger-ing
Elf [ Ra:21 Th:21 Ma:21 ] Nitidus pulls out his lute and plays in UNITY
Dwa [    Wa:15 Sh:30    ] Weezer the Crowd Pleaser... :)
Hum [    Ma:26 Wa:30    ] Alucard is looking for blood donors    :NH:
Dwa [     Ambassador    ] Artanis, The Vending Machine of *Wisdom* {CoE} Teeka
Elf [     Ambassador    ] Myronides Starym. Your All-Elven Hero
Hum [    Wa: 5 Cl:15    ] Vatican wants to be Doc Holiday
Hel [    Ma:22 Ra:20    ] Grale the Ragged, Teacher of Wisdom *AFA*
Ogr [    Wa:20 Sh:19    ] Sin.
Hum [ Ra: 5 Th: 9 Ma: 9 ] Esariston Cerestice: Wanderer of Fate -Cordir-
Hum [       Ma: 6       ] Dasehra the Girl
Elf [       Ma:29       ] Nosferatu, Wizard of the Black Conclave.
Dwa [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Mordith, Malevolent Cardinal of the Black Conclave
Elf [       Ma: 4       ] Ceres the Elf Maiden
Hum [    Cl:26 Ra:25    ] Abe Stormreaver: Tiger G2 / Counselor
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Maldobar, Dark Minion of the Arch-Lich *NASH*
Gno [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Noctus Chosen Blade of Fate **Tranquility**
Hum [    Wa: 5 Ma:10    ] Selene Wants to be Lexie!! *Wisdom*
Hum [      Demigod      ] Torchbearer, Blood Angel of the Apocalypse.
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Craige the Destroyer, Grand Sentinel of the Conclave
Elf [    Wa: 4 Ma:13    ] Caligula the Deities' Wrath
Hum [    Th:26 Wa:26    ] Ptarchyzk the Atheistic Muggle
Hum [ Wa:28 Th:27 Ma:27 ] Lexie, First Slave of Kim
Hum [ Ma:27 Th:28 Wa:30 ] Triston bangs the drum slowly and they like it!
Hum [    Wa:25 Cl:25    ] Bridget found her soulmate =Wisdom= *Plato* =AFA=
Hum [      Demigod      ] Plato, Philosopher of Wisdom   *Bridget*
Aar [    Wa:14 Sh:30    ] Gregar the cat who chewed your new shoes *tiger-fate
Hum [        God        ] Tokugawa.
Hum [    Demigoddess    ] Cordir, Lady of Fate, UberGeek.      *stormreaver*

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