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Hunting an Arcane

[ 19] Cordir: My thanks
Tue Feb 12 18:27:51 2002
To: all

I would like to thank those who expressed outrage and anger at the corpse-looting of My Ordained Shadow by an individual who has less than a shred of dignity - Sober. It deeply touches me to see that so many immediately pledged to do their utmost to bring vengeance down upon this cretin. May his Fate come swiftly and painfully. Should you be the one lucky enough to sever his Thread, sending him back to the Pattern for Rebirth, please inform me, and if possible, please send a log to I will enjoy reading the tale of his painful death, and pray that it comes soon.

There are three items in particular that he took. Rewards will be offered for their return:
(Concealed) black forearm sheaths
(sitting on shoulder) a midnight sprite
the shadow of a rock

Any other items belonging to My Shadow that can be returned, will be met with reward.

Cordir, Lady Fate

[ 20] Lins: Alignment
Wed Feb 13 13:43:43 2002
To: all

I have a proposal.
Let us all get rid of alignments.
Obviously, noone cares. Blues loot neutral corpses, and sac it when another GOOD enters the room.
Yes yes, that really makes sense to me. We could all as well be unaligned, a major party I would say.

[ 23] Garland: Sober
Wed Feb 13 15:15:29 2002
To: All who consider themselves my allies

This note goes out to all of the people who consider themselves allies of mine. Sober has outwardly told me he is confident that no one will ever kill him because everyone is to scared of the debt for attacking a blue/sentry. I am out of his range unfortunatly, otherwise I would be attcking him. At the very least, if we cannot kill him, make his exsistance on this mud miserable. I will be doing my part as well.

Examples of this, NEVER trade with him, get large groups of people to haunt him, or info2 him and let everyone know where he is. Normally I would never wish this type of action against anyone, but his is a specific case. Most of you are already doing these things anyhow ;). And im sure I speak for most of the Tigers/Wisdom/Fate and many other followings when I say the debt makes little differance, just as long as he dies.
Hope I did not offend anyone, other than Sober.

Garland: Weaver of souls -=Tiger=- *Star* -AFA-

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