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Tynian: Appreciation?
Fri Aug 2 20:42:07 2002
To: all
We are now being sponsored by FastQ. In fact, it was Lisa, a FastQ
technical support staff person, who agreed to give TFC a home under
her desk, and got FastQ management to agree.

Having another server underfoot (literally) does cause her some personal
inconvenience. I think it would be a good gesture for the players to
show your appreciation to her (provided you are appreciative). If you
have a few words you'd like to e-mail to her, or to Doug, who helped get
us connected in Lisa's absense this evening, go ahead and send me an
e-mail (, and I'll forward it on.

Initial reactions to the new site have been favorable. I hope that things
continue to run smoothly, and that we'll be here for for a long time to


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