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Tamar: Another Vision (very long, but important)
Thu May 9 13:47:43 2002
To: All Dreamwalkers

Dreaming again. It was as if the time between my last vision and this had
never happened -- as if I had simply shifted in my sleep and then continued
my dream.

I stood bleeding, holding the vial and the sieve tightly in my hands, while
the Dreammaster and the Grand Master of Time looked on. The steady drip,
drip sound of my blood as it fell to the ground was magnified a thousandfold
in my ears. I bent, reaching down with the sieve to scoop up my blood.

Drip, drip.
Two drops of blood fell right through the sieve, landed on the ground, and
were instantly absorbed, becoming one with nature.

Drip, drip, drip, drop, drop, drip, drop.
The sound became a torrent, as more droplets of blood fell through the sieve
and became absorbed. I began to doubt whether I would ever fill the vial,
but I took a deep breath and concentrated.

Lightning flashed, and the huge thunderclouds melted away, while at the same
time the sickly color of the sky swirled and changed into a vivid blue hue.

The Dreammaster threw back his head and cackled with insane glee.

The Dreammaster tells you, 'Oh, MISTRESS of Dreams, do you think you can
change the world with one thought? Do you REALLY think it works that way?'.

The Dreammaster tells you, 'Do you think ONE PERSON can make a difference?'.

'Yes', I answered calmly, watching my blood flow unchecked. 'I KNOW one
person can make a difference. I have seen it in others. I have done it
myself. And I know that it will happen again and again, as each person
realizes their potential, and then the world will be a place where all can
dream in joy and peace.'

The Dreammaster vanished, and a small butterfly brushed my cheek.

The Grand Master of Time uttered the words, 'heal', 'heal', 'heal'.

I looked down at my hands at the sieve and the vial, but they were gone.

In their place I held a carefully constructed nest with a dozen speckled-blue
eggs inside. As I watched, the eggs began to move a little, and cracks
appeared in them. Soon, the nest was filled with cheeping young birds. The
birds grew feathers, and became stronger day by day as they lived together
as a family. I brought them food now and then, and encouraged them to
stretch their wings and to explore and grow -- to be themselves. They began
to fly confidently off, traveling far and wide to worlds I had never seen.
They returned with tales of their adventures, and trinkets to share, and they
were always happy to see one another and myself again.

I awoke, filled with joy and pride at the traits of my followers:

Their strength, for standing up for their beliefs under all circumstances.
Their courage, for venturing into the unknown and returning stronger for it.
Their willingness to help others and one another.
Their independence.

As I reflected, I found myself caught up short at the phrase "their
independence". I looked down at my hands, wondering what I would see there
in reality. No vial, no sieve, no nest. Yet still, some blood. I realized
that it was my heart, not my hands, that bled. After my first dream, I
had promised my followers that I would be there for them, just as I had
promised in the beginning. I asked them to be there for me as well, and to
show their allegiance.

I had in part done the very thing I wanted least: tried to draw my followers
toward me, to hold them back. Yet I had also worked hard to encourage their
independence and growth, and am proud of them.

With this note, I beg their understanding for what I will do now as I push
them out of the nest for good. Sometimes growth is a painful process
for everyone involved, but I have always found the results worthwhile and full
of joy at the end. I say this as well, Dreamwalkers, I will be here
for you. I will be here to speak to, to listen to you, to comfort you, to
encourage you, and to watch you continue to grow and follow YOUR own dreams.

Tamar, Goddess of Serenity,
Mistress of her own Dreams

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