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2002 GT at the Ohio RenFest


With an In-character write up by Faille:

"Faille, Humble, Solaron, and Katrana entered the huge gates that led into the festival grounds. Festival goers thronged all about whilst vendors hawked their wares and vied for gold. The sun, mid-day warm, glinted off various pieces of plate and chain mail. Faille looked around, catching Humble just as he reached for some bauble to put into his pouch, and slapped his hand. Thieves! Solaron and Katrana had charged ahead and caught up with the waiting Theoden, so, dragging Faille along, Humble tracked them down and hurried to catch them. Before long the group was completed with the arrival of the Ironwolf crew, and the adventure began in earnest! (Humble probably would have been killed on sight if not for the fact that we were in a saferoom!)

After some sparring, we settled down for some gossip. A sudden rainstorm threatened to soak us all, and we had to take a few minutes to dry off our armour, and regroup. Finally, the guys took turns showing off their stats with the knife and axe throwing. On the way out, Katrana, Solaron and Theoden stopped off at the Weaponsmith's and bought some new swords and piercers. At the end of an eventful day, we each dragged ourselves back to our own hometowns. Faille is ready to do it all again!"

Solaron: "We spent too much as it is! Theoden and I bought a swept-hilt rapier, niiiice sword, after haggling for about 1/2 hour, we got 'em for 150 a piece, and then I bought Jen the sword of Raoul (from Zorro, basically, the hilt and crosspiece are in the shape of a butterfly in flight, its nice) for 112 cuz we spent so much (we also bought baldrics and stuff). That was at the booth that Vex is holding that big sword at." "My favorite part about the Cinci GT was, heck, all of it basically, but talking with the Ironwolfer's at dinner was great."

Vex: "My favorite part was when we were doing the archery and stuff. We threw axes and knives at the targets, but couldn't get the weapons to stick in place. The guy running the booth kept calling us girls, telling us it 'heave it like you've got a set!'. In the knife toss, I got eight out of ten to stay in the target, but they were in the waist or groin, not the head.".... "There was this annoying guy trying to sell roses, and he was pestering Solaron to buy one for Katrana. Sol said she didn't need a rose, she WAS a rose."

Katrana: "The best part of the Cincy GT was when we all first met *laugh* You wouldn't believe how many people look like mudders there. At Chicago we all just kinda stuck out. But there, everyone looked like they mudded. Theoden was there first, it wasn't hard to spot him since I have known him my whole life. But he went and asked a few people if they were from a GT to find the Ironwolfs, and all he got was some weird looks I guess *laugh* After we flagged Theoden down, we stood there looking probably really stupid (we being, Theoden, Faille, Humble, Sol and of course me.) It was just about a quarter after noon, and I called my sister who was at home to get Mael's cell number while Theoden and Sol ran around looking for people who looked like them. Sol then spotted Vex because I had gotten a picture from him earlier (ends up they were just on the otherside of where we were standing, doh!) So that was an adventure. But after that we sat there waiting for Sylt and Mylo to show up, and we all just talked for about 2 hours right there. Oh and there was that downpour too, *laugh* we all got kinda wet."

DuKaron: "My favorite part was when everyone put their hands and heads in the stocks". (Stocks were a midieval form of punishment in which criminals were held in place in the public square, and everyone could throw things at them, smack talk them, or otherwise humilate them.)" Heh, I heard when Solaron said that when Vex goes to boot camp, he'll be swimming in gold." (ie, Sol wanted Vex's gear!!)

If you're curious, that T-shirt Vex is wearing reads, "Lead me not into temptation....I can find it myself" We bet you can!

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