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a 12/1/02 who list
24 players.
Hum [ Ma:11 Wa: 9 Th: 9 ] Ibicus Guiteraes of the Order of Draoi -*Nash*-
Hum [    Wa: 5 Cl:11    ] Roar The dream watcher of coven
Dwa [    Th:15 Sh:19    ] Clorox, Last of the d'lil Veldrin
Min [       Ma:10       ] Mion the Minotaur
Gno [    Wa:15 Sh:23    ] Lyger Schneider - The Blades Of Darkness
Elf [ Ra:14 Ma:18 Th:13 ] Rinnir Nevlit, former Tiger... UA
Hum [    Cl:22 Wa:20    ] Mistyfier, the warric helper of FoLK
Dwa [    Wa: 4 Cl:15    ] Hawkeye wants a dwarven hag to call his own. (WarD)
Hum [      Ironwolf     ] Vex, Inquisitor of the Ashen Moon    *Lexie*
Min [       Ma:16       ] Heartsbane writes a Page of poetry lying in the Sun
Min [       Ma: 5       ] Rhys the Minotaur
Elf [ Th:25 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Sicarian is a figment of your imagination. {WarD}
Hum [    Wa: 7 Cl:14    ] Jasper Dark
Elf [       Ma:11       ] Findle the Elf
Ogr [    Sh:22 Wa:15    ] Kodak, Nashite Scourge of the Black Ogre Clan.
Elf [ Th:18 Wa:20 Ma:20 ] Chaar Lunar Scryer of the Ash Moon Coven
Hum [ Th:10 Ra:10 Ma:15 ] Grathuk walks alone in {*}-MayheM-{*}
Elf [    Ma:25 Wa:25    ] Traume Solarflare, Sun Capt, Defender of the Light!!
Elf [ Ma:23 Ra:24 Th:21 ] Boromir Ambassador of Fate ... Taoiseach
Ogr [       Wa:11       ] Iono, Nashite Guitaraes of Quinalt
Hum [    Ra:13 Ma:16    ] IsItItItIs The Festerin Kitty of Wisdom
Ogr [       Wa:14       ] Kolug, Nashite Guitaraes of Quinalt
Min [       Wa:30       ] Borok: Defending Sergeant of Tiax {SUN}  **Saposa*
Elf [ Wa:30 Th:25 Ma:30 ] Mael, Patriarch of the Ash Moon Coven

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