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Galatea: Torchbearer and his idea of Lawful Good
Fri Dec 7 00:07:01 2001
To: all
I call upon all those who are proud to carry blue auras
I call upon all those who remember John Paul's teachings
I call upon all those who have any common sence and will
not stand by idly as the very principles of goodness
are being twisted and mutated by the sick hand of Torchbearer

If you read finfo on his following it sais many wonderful things
all of which are sadly FALSE - the actions of his followers
and his own reaction to them is a proof of that

(Today Tirant of the "Dawnbringers of Virtue" has asked me to help in his CR
which i have hurried to do and fell a victim to his deceit dying to a mob
and loosing my corpse of course...
Tirant has refused to even give me the several quest items that i have gathered
and that i need to get into the Chosen of Fate following -
items of no real value, needless junk that i need never the less...
And TB has supported that.)

This shows indeed that TB hasnt changed his ways - he is still the same EVIL
back when he has led Arcanes in their forsaken ways
His followers are misguided - thinking they are doing Good while in fact
bringing only pain and suffering to the realm

Torchbearer hides behind the name and the image of magnificent John Paul, the Pope of Holy Virtue
thus spoiling the very essence of HIM and HIS teachings

And so brothers and sisters, all of you who hear me and believe in the power of GOOD
I call upon you to start a holy war agains the Dawnbringers
and to bring down this venomous spawn ressurected from the ashes of the Arcanes' demise

And i also call upon the purple auras to aid the GOOD in this conquest against the devil in disguise
Together we all shall demask the one who speaks sweet words with poisonous tongue and rejoice
as we observe his descent back to the fiery pits of Tartar from where he once came

Galatea walks the path of the Wyrm
Twinklefire: *comfort* Lord JohnPaul
Fri Dec 7 05:35:04 2001
To: all
Hi all,

As some of you might still know I used to be a member of Lord JohnPaul's following.
Recently Lord Torchbearer started a new version of Virtue, he claims to do this in the spirit of Lord JohnPaul
Personally I do not approve of the way this following is turning out,
That's why for the first time in my life I am actually ashamed to have Virtue in my title,
and I am thus replacing it by JohnPaul, since the last thing I would like, is to be associated with the current virtue
I am sorry for those of you that are actually Lawful Good. (Especially you Keat)

Greetings Twinklefire, Holy Pilgrim of the Tigers *JohnPaul*
Dezmond: RE: Holy war.
Fri Dec 7 14:21:05 2001
To: all
Although I am an evil I will aid anyone who chooses to follow
Galatea's path. I will not attack, but I will spell up whoever needs it.
I dissaprove fully of the actions of many of TB's followers. Especially
Tirant. His and other's actions have soured many people to the new
version of virtue. I have personal reasons for feeling this way, but many
things have added to my dislike.

Servant to the cause,
Dezmond Lin
Baelrog: Galatea
Fri Dec 7 14:40:51 2001
To: all
In TB's offense, You are friends with Coven, He, with his alignment
is doing what is needed to rid the world of evil. Sounds to me
like all you are doing is whining.
Simalrion: War
Fri Dec 7 18:11:21 2001
To: all
I hereby do offer aid to whoever needs it in the battle against Virtue.

Simalrion. *Slave*

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