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Another Viewpoint

[ 29] Mandrake: Goods and Evils
Thu Sep 6 05:06:55 2001
To: all

I'd just like to throw my thoughts into this debate.

We have heard plenty of whining from molo and his lackeys over this issue. They don't like it when
things were going against them...

As most people seem to have missed out, the rules have changed. Help GOOD , and the rest of the help alignments, are out of date. In their place, Lord Tynian has put the ALLIES and ENEMIES. It is now up to each FLI to monitor the activies of their following. This gives each FLI more freedom to structure their followings as they choose. No longer do we have the rather odd, in my opinion, rules as
portrayed in help good and its ilk. This world is not a clear cut place and a situation where goods were penalised for casting on "evils" was a rather odd state of affairs.

"Good" and "evil" is not to be judged by the color of your aura, or the god you worship. These are determined by your actions. Robert has declared what his followers will do in respect to evils, and this is well and good. That is his decision, as their immortal. So please get used to the rules that have been implemented... They are for the good of the game, and will make it a more interesting and varied place. now we have goods that act evil, evils that act good, and neutrals that do both! that is the way it is, and the way it should be. this world is not a simple black and white place (well not if you have color on :p) and we are all the better for that.

Mandrake, Mini-Tiger.
the above views are mine alone, and do not necessarily portray the views of the tigers as a whole, or our leader, Lord Tripper.

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