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Tynian: Version 3.76
Sat Sep 22 11:07:20 2001
To: all
The range command has been re-written to conform with the PK
changes. It no longer indicates what the bottom of your range is, since
the range is mostly determined by the victim. It will indicate if you
have a range penalty because of perm debt. It now also shows the
maximum level that can generally attack you.

Reversed a change to peek, which disallowed Immortals from peeking
other Immortals.

Immortals should no longer be spotted when peeking mortals, nor
should they fail a peek attempt.

Damage restrictions have been put into place for those less than
20th level. +dam will no longer affect sub-20th level victims, so long
as the target does not have too many unjustified kills. In other words,
+dam will now only work against sub-20th (effective) level characters
that have done some unjustified killing. Also, many spell items, such
as scrolls, staves, wands, relics, and fetishes, will no longer work
against "protected" sub-20th (effective) level characters, following the
same guideline as for +damage. Note that some offensive spells in items
will still work, due to the nature of the spell. This is okay, for now.

PK range has been changed to a 'graduated' scale. For lower
levels, the PK range is still 3 levels below the PKer's effective level.
Starting at effective 15th level, the range increases to 5 levels below
the PKer's effective level, and the range increases by 1 for every level
thereafter. For example, an effective level 15 character can be attacked
by an effective 20th level character, an effective level 16th can be
attacked by an effective 22nd level character, and an effective level
20th would be attackable by an effective level 30th character.

A killer's PK range is doubled once s/he has committed a certain
number of unjustified kills.

Increased debt for those that kill characters that are unable to
unjustly attack, such as Sentry followings and those that leave Sentry

Increased debt for those that kill those 15 or more levels below

Removed fart, fondle, grope, socials. Added flog, hiss, taunt.
Posted ideas.

Reversed a previous change that allowed FLIs to cast "self-only"
spells on followers. One of the reasons spells are in this category is
that I wanted access to the spells to be fairly limited. And I heard
some good arguments.

Eased back on a change I previously made to locate. The change
was a net loss.

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