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Tynian: Version 3.71
Tue Jul 10 08:55:41 2001
To: all
Created the 'registered objects' framework, which gives the ability
to set several parameters about the object, including resurrecting a given
item, if destroyed.

Lesser God may now remove silence. This gives Lesser God the
ability to remove a silence that they have put on a character as a final
warning, if desired.

God+ may now teleport specific items by using 'objteleport'.

Installed a safety framework that attempts to save corpses and some
equipment on the ground, should a crash occur. Is not currently active,
as there is an equipment duplicating bug that still must be found and
fixed. I ran out of time to complete work on this, although it should be

Modified how and when FLI Power Ratings are calculated.

Created an object special function, for possible quest use.

Vorax's temple entrance set up.

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