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Tynian: Version 3.68b
Tue Jan 23 08:09:49 2001
To: all
I usually don't post notes about bug fixes, but there has been a certain
amount of confusion:

Reorganized parts of the code to remove ambiguity.

Made minor changes to insure that TFC will run on Linux.

Found and plugged some memory leaks.

Fixed a couple of issues with 'examine'. 'examine' now only works
for items in inventory or worn, not items in a room or characters. use
'look', instead, for these purposes.

Worked on the reported bug with mobmastery, which results in the
character getting less than 20 ticks to find the mobmaster mob. There is
no known reliable way to cause the problem to occur, so it is unknown
whether the changes I made today will correct the problem.

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