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Tynian: Version 3.85

Sun Dec 2 23:20:32 2001
To: all

Moved the Sentry-to-unaligned PK penalty from 300 hours to 250.

Created new item type, the crystal sphere. This magical item can be used by any class that has practiced the 'sphere use' ability, and is triggered by the 'empower' command. The spheres are not strictly random.

Created new item type, the spell crystal. This item is not strictly random, and not currently documented. I want to give you a chance to figure out what they do, how they are used, and the possible benefits. Once they have become better known, they will be included in the helps. Spell crystals are unstable, and will eventually decay if they are not used.

Reduced the experience penalty for killing a mob that just re-popped.

Fixed several bugs with the mage code and hunt.

Made some changes to the object spell casting code, to work with spheres. It is possible that these changes have impacted other spell casting items (e.g. wands, relics, etc.), but cursory testing showed no issues.

Made a change to turning, dealing with unaligned casters. Still needs to be tested.

Re-wrote some of the code dealing with cleaning up objects dropped on the ground. Testing looks fine, but please let me know if you notice strange things happening with decaying equipment.

Lowered retention of ideas to two months, in order to shorten the list to a managable level. Unfortunately, I annotated most of the messages on the list at the same time, which started the purge timer over for a majority of the list. I may increase this back to 6 months in the future.


[ 20] Tynian: Astaldo and crystal spheres
Mon Dec 3 00:50:23 2001
To: all

I'll save you the trouble. The crystal spheres that Astaldo sells don't do anything. Fork over the money if you want, but... :)

In the future, they will have a purpose. I just forgot to tell Astaldo not to sell them.

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