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Khore: Quest Announcement
Fri Sep 21 19:35:25 2001
To: all
The Golem Gladiators

You and your team will construct a golem gladiator that will fight other
golems until there remains only one. The team with the last remaining golem

Details will be coming shortly, but your teams must be submitted before next
weekend to be valid.

o At the time of submission, the total effective levels of any team CAN NOT
. EXCEED 99.
o You must be minimum level 5 to participate.
o Each member of the team will add an inherent 50hps to their golems.
o Followings may submit as many teams as they like but...
o A Following may only designate ONE team as representative of the following.
o The following whose designated team wins will recieve something for their
. god.
o A designated team may contain ONLY members of the designated following.
o Goods and Evils cannot be on the same team.

email teamlists to
include name, alignment, following, designation (if any)


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