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Tynian: Quest for katana
Sun Jul 1 19:04:40 2001
To: all
Lacking the imagination to come up with my own quest, Cordir has
graciously come up with a quest for me. I, for one, am happy to be able
to tap those with some creativity.

At stake is a katana, avg. 9, one-handed, +6/+7 (dam/hit). The quest will
start at around 19:30 game time, when I post the items that need to be

Remember, you cannot buy this katana in _any_ store!



Tynian: Quest specifics
Sun Jul 1 19:47:57 2001
To: all
Not being a dwarf of the world, I had to have this passage explained to
me. I'm sure all of you will fare better.

Obtain one light of reddish hue
Two more of purple, too
Collect the skins * of dragons three
And four fruits from a tree
Four eggs that birth undead,
Find a loaf of battle bread.
The jewelry found in briar form
Then the leaf that does Arbora adorn
Find these items seventeen
And the sword shall go to thee

* Specifically, a bag or steak of any dragon

The fine print:

1. No godgifted items.
2. Nothing older than today. I can tell, so don't try to trick me.
3. Teams are permissible, but there is only 1 katana.
4. If you are teamed, one person will need to have all the items for
the team.
5. When all the items have been collected, post a note. The first
person to post a note that has all of the items wins.
6. The quest will end at 20:45 game time.

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