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A Series of Notes from Tynian
And Mortal Responses...

[ 14] Tynian: Examples
Fri Mar 2 10:55:32 2001
To: all
I've come across some moronic behavior. I've decided that they would make great examples of what not to do.

I have deleted Malin and all of his mortal characters. Although his mortal actions of late have technically been legal, I deem his actions harmful to the game, and particularly unacceptable for one that had an Immortal character on TFC. Upon finding out that he was intentionally trying to drive someone away from the game, I decided that his contribution to TFC has ended.

I have stripped Qithlorien of all of his equipment. He has been trying to kill PC's outside of his PK range. He almost lost all of his stuff previously when he was (as far as I'm concerned) intentionally hanging around, waiting for those out of his range to cast area spells. I gave him the benefit of the (very little) doubt that time: a mistake for which I apologize.

I recommend contemplation. Contemplate whether you _should_ do something, even if you are technically able to. Give it some thought, because if I ultimately disagree with you, you may end up my next example.



[ 20] Tynian: Tylorn deleted
Fri Mar 2 18:42:34 2001
To: all
Tylorn has been deleted. Why? Because I am tired of his yapping via

Anyone else?


[ 16] Tynian: Asia retired
Fri Mar 2 23:12:29 2001
To: all
Asia decided to speak her mind about my recent judgements to her followers.
As an Immortal, and in part a member of TFC management, this was not
appropriate. She has been retired.

While I don't expect TFC Immortals to always agree with my decisions,
I do expect such disagreements to be handled respectfully and directly with
me, not via TFC players. Anything less is not acceptable.



[ 20] Tynian: Tylorn restored
Sat Mar 3 10:06:40 2001
To: all
Tylorn has been restored, minus a fine for annoying the Implementor.

[ 15] Alucard: nothing really
Fri Mar 2 12:31:24 2001
To: all
Hey, dont worry its just eq Qith.

ps. Try pking 20's


[ 17] Elise: Quithlorien
Fri Mar 2 14:47:09 2001
To: all
In regards to your eq..........


[ 18] Qithlorien: Since None can defeat me what do you do?
Fri Mar 2 17:52:12 2001
To: all
You convince the administration that the only way to get rid of me is to delete my equipment. I think this is quite humerous in fact. I want you to show me where it says anything about mob killing level 18's If i'm to be punished. I at least want the name of the character which I mobkilled. Or rather allegedly mobkilled. And the warning which I received. And the incident after which receiving this warning, that caused me to lose my equipment. That would be fair, would it not? It's cruel to delete someone's equipment without at least Inquiring with that player as to what occured. Last I spoke with tokugawa I was not to be punished for anything. That was his own words.


[ 19] Qithlorien: Where I will be if you want to find me.
Fri Mar 2 18:07:41 2001
To: all 5000
Here is a list, for all interested of who I played.
Qithlorien, 49 ranger cleric thief
Immagine 45 Fighter Mage Thief
Redrum 39 Warric
Lunatic 33 Shaman warrior
Ravaged 40 Shaman Warrior
Toxic 19 cleric
Harmful 19 Warric
Leprosy 15 Warric
Magwai 11 mage with over 400 hp
Megasar 19 Mage warrior
Poison 13 Cleric warrior
Deliverance 34 W/M/T
Catus 18 M/F
Somebody 11 Ranger/thief
Deadly 19 Ranger/Mage

I've always played the villan element.
Without it, as you will learn the game is no fun.
I hope everyone enjoys what time they have left here.


[ 17] Gabriel: All followers of Pain
Fri Mar 2 23:43:08 2001
To: all
Asia asked for me to write a note saying she was sorry.
To any former members of pain that need help, just send me a tell.
I'll try my best to help.
Gabriel, the Unholy Angel of Pain (Nash)

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