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Tynian: RL Threats
Fri Jul 20 11:27:30 2001
To: all
I was surprised when I found no written policy about threatening the
real-life players of the various characters that populate TFC. I have to
take such threats very seriously. Such threats are a form of
intimidation, and squashes enjoyment of the game. Although in almost all
cases, the person issuing the threat has no intention of following up on
the threatened behavior, I have no way to know that for an absolute fact.
I must assume that that the person making the threats has the means and
desire to carry through on his or her threat, directly or indirectly.

It is my policy to suspend a character for a number of months or delete
them outright, if I find that a player of one character has threatened the
player of another. Don't even insinuate it. This is not a good area for
misunderstandings. For instance, if someone says, '... I hope nothing
happens to you in RL...', I will try to find some context for the comment,
but if it looks like an implicit threat to me, there is going to be
trouble. There are no excuses. "He asked for it" is not a valid reason
for making a RL threat.

Draconian? Perhaps. On the other hand, I regard this behavior as being
WAY out of bounds, contributing nothing positive to TFC, and possibly even
opening up liability issues. In short, it is unacceptable. Don't do it.


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