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Thoughts on Neutrality

By Tranquility Rose, Vestal Handmaiden to Cordir, Taoiseach, Apprentice to Gregar
Originally posted to the Chosen email list. Reprinted with permission.

I was asked to post to the list my feelings on neutrality.

Whenever I find myself rushing to judgment in regards to alignment, I remember something I heard long ago. Good is always there to help others, when it also benefits them. Evil is self-serving and never anything but.

If you understand these two statements, you understand the basic essence of Good and Evil.

Good, in and of itself, wishes to be inherently helpful. Helping others, they feel good about themselves. To them, this justifies their existence, and proves their usefulness to the world at large. Evil is inherently distrustful and prone to expecting betrayal, perhaps because it is the nature of evil to do such things.

(Remember when I say this, that there are exceptions to every rule. These are merely generalities.)

Of the three alignment options, Neutrality is the most confusing and seems the most difficult to play.

The only way I have found to effectively play a neutral is to ignore alignment altogether.

To firmly establish your *own* Neutrality (because it is indeed different for us all) you must have your own moral code, and you must believe in it wholeheartedly. It is best if you do not allow for much sway, else people will easily be confused by your intent.

As an example:
Do you believe that everyone deserves a chance?
Do you frown on pk-ing, especially when it involves the young of the world?
Do you feel stealing is justifiable, when used as an option that prevents bloodshed instead of adding to it?
Do you believe Good is as often wrong as Evil, and can be as inherently biased?
Do you believe that there must be a neutral force in the world to assist all, without prejudice, only refusing aid to those that directly cause them harm?

If so, your moral stance is close to my own.

I have allied myself, with a following I feel closely holds the same type of moral stance I do.

I have allied myself with an Evil. I did so with no hesitance whatsoever, because his alignment does not interest me half as much as the man himself does.

I would never ally myself with one who kills the young, or one who devotes themselves to the opposite of what the Chosen stand for.

I would never ally myself with one that does not support Neutrality as a valid and sane alignment for the world.

Now, without further ado, I sign off. Hopefully, I have not bored you all to tears.

Ty, the Penitent Handmaiden

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