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Korsk: This is Unity
Tue Dec 18 02:03:34 2001
To: All who would follow Robert

Greetings one and all. I am Korsk, Protector of Unity. In recent
times I have had the pleasure of talking with many of you about Unity,
the Following of Lord Robert. These conversations have inspired me to
write this note.

"Unity" - The word itself conveys so much. We are committed to each
other, first and foremost. Committed to building knowledge, strength
and power within the following, for the good of all. After all, a
powerful, strong and knowledgeable Following benefits all followers of
Robert. It is for this reason that others may describe some of us as
aloof, or even perceive us to be selfish. This is a misconception -
we are just considering the Following first.

People ask, "What is life like as part of Unity?". Smaller in number
than some Followings, we make up for it in commitment. I believe I
personally know and see every active member of Unity at least twice
per week. The benefits of this are obvious - we know each others'
strengths, expertise and needs. This means that one of us may carry
around a useful item for a few days, KNOWING a particular person in
the Following can use it. We do not rely upon Lord Robert for such
matters, although he obviously contributes where he deems appropriate.

Lord Robert's policies regarding Evil are well known - Unity members
MUST NOT aid evils in any way. However, we are not aggressive hunters
of Evils. That said, those who attack any one of us WILL be hunted
down and killed... in time. Non-evils are considered friends of Unity
until they prove to be otherwise, and will receive such support and
assistance as we can offer.

Well, I trust that this rather long note has given you a useful
insight into one of the oldest Followings in the Realm. Please feel
free to ask questions of myself or my fellow followers of Robert
whenever you see us online.

Korsk, Protector of Unity.

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