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(located at port 4000)

Kerriariadne gossips, 'Ladies and Gentlemen...'.

Kerriariadne gossips, 'And Kandrell.'.

Aiken gossips (in elven), ':)'.

(thingone is ordained by kerriariadne)

who thingone
1 player.
Hum [    Dark Scythe    ] Thingone, Prince of Darkness. 

Thingone gossips (in common), ':)'.

Indiga gossips (in common), 'heehee'.

Cordir gossips, 'Congratulations, THingone, on your Ordainment in the Darkness!'.

Thingone gossips (in common), '*bow* thanks :)'.

Indiga gossips (in common), '*cheer*'.

Legionaire gossips (in common), 'GRATZ!!!!!'.

Kerriariadne gossips, 'MUHA! :)'.

Katana gossips (in common), 'grats thingone'.

Aiken gossips (in elven), 'welcome Prince of Darkness, from now on better known as Dark Scythe!!'.

It is 11pm on Ivyn the 29th, the month of the Renewal,
in the year 2509.

TFC started up at Tue Dec 18 00:54:05 2001
The system time is Thu Dec 27 11:41:25 2001

16 players.
Hel [ Th:13 Ra:23 Ma:23 ] Aiken do it *UNITY*
Dwa [ Wa:30 Cl:30 Th:30 ] Kandrell Ironblood, Malla Ul'Sabuk d'lil Veldrin
Hum [    Demigoddess    ] Cordir: Fate Reborn
Gno [    Cl: 7 Wa:11    ] Orin+ wandering for QUEST
Hum [    Ma: 3 Th: 9    ] Esariston: Wandering Servitor of Fate -Cordir-
Elf [    Wa:18 Cl:20    ] Indiga boogies. Well, only in the Dark.
Hum [    Ra: 4 Ma:10    ] Irwin The Desert Fox
Gno [       Cl: 9       ] Elektra Oksana-Nhaya, Dunestripe's Nightblade
Hum [    Dark Scythe    ] Thingone, Prince of Darkness. 
Gno [       Druid       ] Teluin, Druid of Wisdom           {SOJA}{CoE}{Mish}
Gno [ Sh:18 Th:17 Wa:17 ] Chueco climbs the Great Sequoia
Hum [       Ra:13       ] Harley the Scavenger Nightblade
Gia [       Sh:16       ] Katana Thorn shaman of darkness
Min [    Wa:25 Ma:26    ] Legionaire, Weaponsmaster of Darkness
Aar [    Sh:24 Th:22    ] Tranquility a Safesitting Handmaiden {Cordir}*Noctus*
Elf [      Demigod      ] Kerriariadne Bala'Bandienne, Lord of the Dark.

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