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An Angel Re-Ascends


Oofgus thanks Tylorn heartily.

You gossip (in common), 'YAY!'.

Rath gossips (in common), 'good work'.

Oofgus gossips (in common), 'Congratulations!'.

gossip WB TORCHY!

Tylorn gossips (in common), 'gratz TB!'.

You gossip (in common), 'WB TORCHY!'.

Fenrir gossips (in elven), 'bwllv! bynavyrd ka!'.

Lictilon arrives from the north.

Someone gossips (in common), 'GRATZ TORCHBEARER!!!!'.

Shailyn gossips (in elven), 'rynavyrd '.

Athorne gossips, 'Hail Torchbearer'.

Someone gossips (in common), 'gratz torchbearer'.

Kirth gossips (in common), 'gratz!'.

Torchbearer gossips, ';)'.

Hum [ Demigod ] Torchbearer, Guardian Seraph.
Dwa [ Cl:22 Wa:20 ] War'Rior Bane, Knight of the Black Conclave.
Hum [ Wa: 7 Cl:28 ] DarkClaw k'Treva, Kindred Spirit.
Hum [ Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Rath, Wicked Judge of the Black Conclave
Elf [ Wa:23 Th:20 Ma:23 ] Lictilon, Sorcerer of the Black Conclave
Min [ Th:14 Ma:15 ] Helati de-Orilig, Student of Fate.
Dwa [ Cl: 7 ] Silva the Dwarf Hag
Elf [ Ma: 4 ] Fenrir the Elf
Gno [ Cl:18 ] Gillfen, Servitor of Fate.
Dwa [ Sh: 2 ] Oofgus the Dwarf
Hum [ Assassin ] Tylorn, Minion of the Arch-Lich
Dwa [ Cl:17 Wa:15 ] Derth Lin Etrech, Fei's illicit son. Coven <Inv 1>
Hel [ Ma:24 ] Doza, Valiant Mage flies alongside the *Tigers*
Hum [ Th: 5 ] Daredevil, admissary of the gorganites'
Hum [ Lesser Goddess ] Cordir: Penitent Ebon Weaver of Fate.
Hel [ Th:13 ] Silence wonders if you can hear the sounds of silence
Dwa [ Sh:26 ] Weezer- Want to destroy my sweater?
Hel [ Ma:13 Wa:11 ] Kirth Wisdom is the best weapon.
Hum [ Ra:11 ] Spittle the grungy spitoon
Elf [ Ra:30 Cl:30 Th:30 ] Maimer, Tiger
Dwa [ Ambassador ] Athorne, Helper to all.
Elf [ Ra: 3 Ma:12 ] Blystur the Elf
Elf [ Cl:22 Ra:20 ] Shailyn, Silent Stone of the Tigers

Weezer gossips (in common), 'gratz again. :)'.
Weezer gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

Silva gossips (in dwarven), 'CONGRATZ'.

Blystur gossips (in common), 'Gratz TB'.

You tell Torchbearer (in common), 'Mwah!'.

Doza gossips (in common), 'Congratulations Torchbearer'.

War gossips (in common), 'Congratz Torchbearer'.

Shailyn pokes Tylorn in the ribs.

DarkClaw gossips (in common), 'Congratulations, Torchbearer!'.

Lictilon leaves south.

Tylorn twiddles Shailyn's ears.

Torchbearer gossips, 'Thank you, All :-)'.

It is 2pm on Rishanae the 18th, the month of the Shallow Graves, in the year 2496.
TFC started up at Sat Oct 13 02:01:16 2001 / The system time is Sun Oct 14 20:16:35 2001

Torchbearer, leader of the Dawn Bringers, Demipower of the Sentry.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Lawful Good.
Followers may not attack one another
Brief following description:
The Dawn Bringers of Virtue follow teachings based upon the principles of JohnPaul, Pope of Holy Virtue, and the lessons learned from the angelic holy war between Torchbearer and the Plane of Heavenly Virtue. Followers of the Dawn embrace the virtues of faith, charity, hope, prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude to enhance their lives and the lives of others.

Torchbearer has ordained the Priests of Dawn to watch over His worshippers and their allies. The priesthood is a central focus of Fate's divine plan for Seraph Torchbearer, and its tenants will prove challenging to even the greatest of the realm's clerics.

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