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Tamar: Ordain selected
Mon Mar 5 14:17:00 2001
To followers of: Tamar

After much contemplation and inspiration, I have selected the ordained.

Let me say first that all who applied will be considered for a second ordained slot
when one becomes available, and of course others may apply then as well. Those who
applied for this first ordained slot were (in no paticular order): Armalag, Ghazkull,
a mystery person, CountChocula, Spire, Chee, and Quarnel. I had difficulty in making a
decision, until one night I fell into a deep sleep in the refuge. My dreams were filled with
images of one who was kind to others; one who walked among the misguided without fear; one
who grew stronger day by day. At last, I saw their face, and it was the face of a newborn babe.

In my dream, this child came to me and said "I was born to serve good", and a shining aura
surrounded him. When I awoke, a young child was in my temple, and he said those very words
to me. I looked into his heart and saw that my dream was true, this is the spirit of the
Dreamwalkers made flesh. His name is Azeworai, and he will be ordained when he reaches
his 30th level of mastery in this world.

Goddess of Serenity,
Mistress of Dreams

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