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A Storytelling Contest

From Tirayel's point of view:
(RL note: Tirayel was also terribly ill this evening)

The Storytelling Amphitheater
[Exits: west]

You are in a small amphitheater. Several rows of curved marble benches curl comfortably around a raised dais. The high ceiling and polished stone walls are shaped to reflect the voice of the speaker at the dais, letting them be heard throughout the room. An open archway to the west leads out into a small courtyard.

A magical spring flows from the ground here.
(64) A delicious magic mushroom is here.
Oganoan is here.
DogDaze is resting here.
Grimace is here.
Gregar is here.
Noctus is here.
Brianna is resting here.
Clue is here.

29 players.
Ogr [ Wa:15 ] Glycerine: the ogre with stripes. (Tiger)
Hel [ Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Grismal! Is it really him!?!
Hel [ Th: 5 Ra:11 ] Jeoren the Half-Elf
Hum [ Th:26 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Aries, Sinister Monk of the Black Conclave
Aar [ Wa: 9 Sh:30 ] Gregar feels Tylorns pain *tiger-fate*
Hum [ Wa:29 Cl:25 ] Majere, Avoid Hangovers... Stay Drunk
Ogr [ Wa: 7 ] Oganoan The Mad Medievel Metal Head
Elf [ Wa:10 Cl:20 ] Tien Shinhan, Chosen Elven Cleric of Fate.
Dwa [ Sh:21 ] DogDaze afternoon... a blissful time
Hum [ Ma:11 ] Brianna Stormchild, Tiger Kitten
Elf [ Ma:24 Wa:24 Th:24 ] Skeeve, Invoker and Counselor of the Tigers
Min [ Wa:28 Th:25 Ma:25 ] Kantor, first mortal to slay the Each-Uisge. Tiger
Hel [ Wa: 2 Cl:13 ] Mireya An-Shalach, daughter of FATE
Elf [ Ma: 5 ] Tank in the front of battle
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Maldobar, Dark Minion of the Arch-Lich
Min [ Sh:12 ] Clytemnestra of Ash Moon Coven...*Bliss* [NH]
Hum [ Demigoddess ] Bliss searches the shadows ...
Hel [ Ra:18 ] Chee The Helper Of The Dreamers
Elf [ Ma:16 Ra:15 ] Grimace, the *Tiger* Scout
Hum [ Sh:14 ] Revilation is on patrol
Elf [ Ma:27 ] Nosferatu, Wizard of the Black Conclave.
Elf [ Ma:15 Ra: 9 ] Tirayel Vairehen, Taoiseach of Fate
Hum [ Th: 6 ] Venom the Boy
Hum [ Wa:27 Cl:30 ] Clue,Destined to serve the Weaver,Favored of Fate
Gno [ Wa:27 Cl:30 ] Noctus: Blade of Fate, Taoiseach of the Chosen
Hum [ Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Demian the Tiger.
Dwa [ Wa:28 Cl:27 ] Athorne Battlehammer, Healer of the Tigers *TC*
Gia [ Wa: 3 ] Kirbetai the Giant
Hum [ Th:16 Wa:15 Cl:22 ] Sekmet, Demon of the Ash Moon.

Clue says (in old-common), 'were this contest open to Imms, and m'Lord Thaygar here ... he'd likely win hands down'.

It is 4am on Searynx the 1st, the month of the Dawning, in the year 2457.
TFC started up at Sun Feb 11 14:19:41 2001 / The system time is Tue Feb 20 18:03:29 2001

Noctus nods.
DogDaze nods in recognition to Clue.

You say (in common), 'I have one entry from a Chosen who couldn't be here tonight'.

Chee arrives from the west.

You say (in common), 'I'll read it aloud for you all'.
You say (in common), 'Who else intends to compete?'.

Brianna says (in common), 'I do.'.

Aries says (in common), 'what are we competing for?'.

Clue enthusiastically cheers Brianna to victory.

Noctus says (in common), 'a restring and a permanent det magic item'.

Aries says (in common), 'what are the rules!'.

You say (in common), 'I've posted all this about a week ago, but I'll review in just a minute'.

Aries is good at telling stories.

You say (in common), 'I pick the stories I like best'.

Noctus snickers softly.

You say (in common), 'So, one from Cirth I'll read'.

Bliss enters the room carrying a large cauldron of bubbling chocolate.

Bliss grins evilly.

(and gets hugs etc., from many)

Noctus bows before Bliss.

You say (in common), 'and Brianna has one...'.
You say (in common), 'it sounds like Aries may...'.
You say (in common), 'anyone else?'.

Someone says (in common), 'once... this dude died'.
Someone bows deeply.
Someone says (in common), 'Applause?'.

Clytemnestra nods.

Jeoren stands up.

Oganoan shows his approval by clapping his hands together.
Noctus shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Clue gets a bowl of chocolate ice cream from an egg casing.

Someone breaks out a pair of pom-poms and cheers himself on.

Grimace looks around.

Chee shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Clue puts a bowl of chocolate ice cream in an egg casing.

You say (in common), 'Tonights themes are 1) Dragons, 2) Nash, 3) Hope, and/or 4) Khore'.
You say (in common), 'Extra credit for having item tokens for show and tell'.

Someone says (in common), 'so the order is...'.

Bliss beams a smile at someone.
Khorlan appears out of nowhere.
Noctus bows deeply.
Khorlan beams a smile at Bliss.
Clytemnestra smiles happily... Clytemnestra curtseys gracefully.

Tirayel bows to all.

Someone says (in common), 'the awful dragons... and then Nash... brought about hope? and/or brought about Khore?'.

The Storytelling Amphitheater
[Exits: west]

A magical spring flows from the ground here.
(62) A delicious magic mushroom is here.
Khorlan is here.
Bliss is here.
Clytemnestra is resting here.
Tien is here.
Chee is resting here.
DogDaze is here.
Grimace is resting here.
Gregar is here.
Noctus is here.
Brianna is resting here.
Clue is here.

Clytemnestra is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.

You laugh.
You say (in common), 'any or all - how do you weave them?'.

Someone sits down and thinks deeply.

Clytemnestra gets settled in on some of Tripper's old velvety pillows she stole from his Den, and offers Goddess Bliss some hot chocolate.

You say (in common), 'let me begin by reading you the one Cirth mailed me.'.

Khorlan grins happily.

Bliss beams a smile at Clytemnestra.

Clytemnestra says (in common), 'Chocolate Goddess?'.

Bliss says, 'Thanks :)'.

Grimace stands up.

Grimace leaves west.

Bliss plops down next to clytemnestra.

Someone says (in common), 'Why hide Khorlan?'.

Brianna coughs, and whispers, "Let Tirayel read!"

You smile happily.

Someone says (in common), 'we are telling stories no?'.

Brianna says (in common), 'shhhhhhhhhhh'.

Someone says (in common), 'ppl like an audience'.

Clytemnestra says (in common), 'then why don' you come vis?'.

Khorlan says (in common), 'her body adapted when she became a goddess, so she can consume large quantities of chocolate faster than normal'.

Khorlan says (in common), 'her webbed fingers hold more chocolate sauce for instance'.

Someone says, 'Please turn off all food and drink trippers'.

Khorlan grins happily at Bliss.

Clytemnestra bounces onto Bliss's lap.

You say (in common), 'In Cirth's story, I'll be channeling Lord Nash Himself...'.

Gabriel appears out of nowhere.

Bliss gasps as she realizes what Khorlan did.

Clytemnestra uses Bliss as a pillow.

Bliss grumbles to Khorlan.

You shudder from the sheer thought of it.

You say (in common), 'Let's begin!'.

Brianna says (in common), 'Everyone, please show courtesy by being quiet for Tirayel to begin.'.

Clytemnestra creates a shower of chocolate out of thin air!!! to amuse her Goddess.

Tirayel prepares herself.

Bliss says, 'Shhhh'.

Tirayel's eyes widens.

Tirayel is surrounded by an aura of divinity.

Gabriel leaves west.

Tirayel coughs, and gives the room a bothered glance.

You say (in common), 'Greetings.'.
You say (in common), 'I am Nash'.

Tirayel raises a hand.

You say (in common), 'No, don't grovel, I'm not in the mood...'.

Celia utters the words, 'soul sense'.

Tirayel examines you.

You are thirsty.

Gregar tells you (in common), 'yes?'.

You say (in common), 'Let me begin by saying that I know you, each and every one of you.'.

Tirayel makes a sweeping gesture.

You say (in common), 'You do not know me, even if you might think that you do, but I know your every thought and feeling.'.
You say (in common), 'I know of all your deeds, and I have followed your every footstep.'.

Clytemnestra grins evilly.

Celia shivers uncomfortably.

You say (in common), 'I was there at the beginning, and I will be there at the end.'.

Tirayel makes a dismissive gesture.

You say (in common), 'But I'm not here to judge, at least not yet'.

Look self

Aries arrives from the west.

Tirayel smiles wryly.

You say (in common), 'Does my appearance surprise, or perhaps even disturb you?'.

Celia looks at you.

Grimace looks at you.

Clytemnestra points a gun....aims....darn she missed!

Gregar shakes his head.

You say (in common), 'I choose whatever form and shape I want. It is not for you to understand.'.

Celia shakes her head.

Gregar kisses your hand. How continental!

You say (in common), 'Know that I am your creator, and that I am the ruler of the universe.'.

Tirayel gives you a threatening glare.

Clytemnestra nods unbelievingly.

You say (in common), 'Please, don't ask me to prove it for you, I wish to speak to you a while longer.'.

Clytemnestra flutters her eyelashes at Nash.

You say (in common), 'You wonder what I want. Again, it is not for you to understand.'.
You say (in common), 'I wish to speak with you and you shall listen. That is all you need to know.'.

Clytemnestra nods. Clytemnestra blushes.

Celia nods.

Tirayel smiles.

You say (in common), 'When I was mortal, because I once was, I began as nothing, nobody.'.
You say (in common), 'I was nothing, my parents were nothing, and their parents and their whole line of blood were nothing.'.
You point proudly at yourself.
You say (in common), 'I've made myself what I am'.

Bliss smiles at you.

You say (in common), 'I perfected every art there was, I circled the world numerous times and I defeated every challenge.'.
You say (in common), 'There was nothing left for me in the world, so I challenged the gods and destroyed that universe.'.

Tirayel looks at you.

Noctus shivers uncomfortably.

Grimace looks at Grimace.

You say (in common), 'But of this you have surely heard...'.

Rohan blinks.

You say (in common), 'So, I recreated the universe, every piece of it, all the boring, simple and predictable details.'.

You say (in common), 'But with me as the omnipotent ruler.'.

Tirayel smiles dryly.

You say (in common), 'At first all was nice and fun, but soon things were worse than before.'.
You say (in common), 'With my last victory fell my last challenge, and now I was bored. So very, very bored.'.
You sigh.
You say (in common), 'Power only goes so far. Soon I began to question myself, and the wisdom of my way.'.
You say (in common), 'Perhaps I should have embarked on an inner journey instead of an external? Perhaps I should have conquered my inner challenges?'.
You say (in common), 'Searching myself I realized that I'm no longer only Nash the creator of all things - I'm a part of all things.'.
You say (in common), 'Yes, of you too.'.

Tirayel points at you.

Someone cringes at the thought.

Noctus calls the exorcist.

Rohan chuckles, evidently amused.

You say (in common), 'I realized that I AM the universe.'.
Tirayel's arms reach out to embrace the room.
Tirayel looks at you.
You say (in common), 'It was also then it struck me,'.
You say (in common), 'that I am completely and utterly alone'.
Tirayel's arms fall to the side.
Tirayel's eyes close and the aura of divinity fades away.
You shudder from the sheer thought of it.

Tirayel comes back to herself.

Noctus smiles happily.

Clytemnestra hugs you.

Rohan beams a smile at Celia.

You say (in common), '*That* was ... intersting!'.

Clytemnestra says (in common), 'you ok?'.

Gregar says (in common), 'pardon friends I will be back'.

Gregar bows deeply.

Clytemnestra says (in common), 'you had me scared there for a bit'.

Bliss smiles at you.

You say (in common), 'I think so...'.

Brianna gives you a round of applause. You MUST'VE done something good!

Chee hugs you.

DogDaze nods in recognition to you.

Noctus claps at your performance.

Chee shows his approval by clapping his hands together.
Chee shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

You say (in common), 'So:'.

Bliss claps at your performance.

Chee shows his approval by clapping his hands together.
Chee shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Brianna shows her approval by clapping her hands together.

You say (in common), 'Cirth gets high marks for theme'.

Noctus claps for Cirth.

Grimace shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Clue applauds Cirth's story.

Clytemnestra applauses Tirayel...and now Cirth.

You say (in common), 'but didn't provide items to prove Nash had spoken....'.

Clytemnestra comforts you.

Tirayel isn't sure she'd want to see those anyway.

You say (in common), 'Who else?'.

Grimace looks around.

Gregar says (in common), 'to tell a story?'.

Chee bursts into tears.

You nod.

Gregar says (in common), 'I can'.

Someone says, 'PLEASE KILL eating and drinking and autospells'.

Brianna hesitantly raises her hand, then points at Gregar with relief.

You say (in common), 'Brianna may well be on deck.'.

Gregar chuckles, evidently amused.

l gregar
A tall Aarakocran hovers before you, wings holding him effortlessly aloft. He is not the biggest specimen you have ever seen, but his strength andcapability are clearly evident. His feathers are gold-dappled brown, and upon each wing you notice a mark. The right wing bears an indigo Ward,proclaiming his Covenant with the Lady of Fate. The second is harder to identify... finally, recognition comes - the symbol of House Tsarran. You blink. An Aara? In Tsarran? Then you recall the tales: the lady long gone, its lord all but, and two sons, one of flesh, disowned, another of spirit, acknowledged.

A chaotic swirl of emotions dances in his gaze as he catches you looking so boldly. Truly a child of the Triat Wyld, though tempered by Weaver's honor and Wyrm's growth.

Suddenly, a roar shakes the very air, and he seems to brighten. "Ah, that would be my ancient green friend! Nothing like a dragonfight to start the day." He summons spells to cloak and ward himself, then flies off, leaving you to wonder if his glee and recklessness are but masks to cover something deeper...

Perhaps you will never know
Gregar is in perfect health.

Gregar is using:
<used as light> (Glowing) a war banner
<worn on finger> the stunning titanium ring
<worn on finger> the noble diamond ring
<worn around neck> the pulsating azurite amulet
<worn around neck> the splendid turquoise amulet
<worn on body> a reinforced leather shirt
<worn on head> a quilted cloth cloche
<worn on legs> a pair of heavy cloth peasant pants
<worn on feet> a pair of studded leather shoes
<worn on hands> a pair of quilted cloth work gloves
<worn on arms> a pair of reinforced leather sleeves
<worn as shield> a large wooden shield
<worn about body> an animal hide sash
<worn about waist> a quilted cloth belt
<worn around wrist> the simple spinel bracelet
<worn around wrist> a reinforced leather wrist guard
<wielded> (Humming) a Mourning Star
<worn with pride> Takorn's troop insignia

Gregar stands clearing his throat.

Someone says, 'THIS spam is not necessary, or polite to the speaker'.

(editorial note: and a _pain_ to remove later! This file is shrinking by about 75% even with all the socials you see left in!)

Noctus gossips (in common), 'next story begins now at the theatre'.

You say (in common), 'I'll edit these all from the log...'.

Gregar taps his foot.

Someone says, 'I will order the next one out of here'.

Clytemnestra settles back into Bliss...sigh...

Celia utters the words, 'soul sense'.

Gregar says (in common), 'before I begin I give a disclaimer'.

Bliss cuddles Clytemnestra.

Tirayel gestures to Gregar.

You nod.

Rashiel arrives from the west.

Gregar says (in common), '#1 my story is VERY tongue in cheek'.

Khorlan grins happily.

Gregar says (in common), '#2 I am not sure that I will win the contest since it does not involve nash but came hopefully to entertain'.

The Storytelling Amphitheater
[Exits: west]

A magical spring flows from the ground here.
(46) A delicious magic mushroom is here.
Rashiel is here.
Gregar is here.
Bliss is here.
Brianna is resting here.
Tien is here.
Celia is here.
Grimace is resting here.
Clytemnestra is resting here.
Chee is resting here.
Noctus is resting here.
Clue is resting here.

You smile happily.

Gregar says (in common), 'and #3 for the gods, please hold yer rifts till the end'.

You chuckle.

Bliss smirks at Gregar's saying.

Noctus snickers softly.

Rashiel smirks.

Someone considers Gregar's request.

Chee arrives from the west.

Gregar begins.

Gregar says (in common), 'One day, tripper and molo were skipping through the dandelion field hand in'.
Gregar says (in common), 'hand'.

Brianna covers her mouth, holding back a gasp of horror.

Tranquility arrives from the west.

Gregar says (in common), 'When they happened across the big god tokugawa.'.

Tranquility shakes her head.

Gregar says (in common), 'Tokugawa sat cross-leged in a thick patch of dandelions looking rather sad.'.
Gregar says (in common), '"why so glum?" asked molo'
Gregar says (in common), '"oh you just wouldn't understand!" Toku exclaimed.'.

Mireya ftells, 'Hi tranquility'.

Gregar says (in common), 'Tripper shrugged and said, "oh well, lets go bash some mortals on the head"'.
Gregar says (in common), 'Molo frowned at Tripper, scolding them they needed to be more considerate to'
Gregar says (in common), 'their friends problem'.

Tranquility ftells, 'Yes'm'.

Gregar says (in common), 'Rolling his eyes, Tripper asked Tokugawa what was wrong.'.
Gregar says (in common), '"Well, it seems that I've lots my favorite teddy bear! I've looked all'.
Gregar says (in common), 'over, but he's nowhere to be found!"'.

Noctus snickers softly.

Gregar says (in common), '"please tell me you'll find it, I couldn't stand to be without pookel"'.

Khorlan snickers softly.

You raise your eyebrow.

Grimace chuckles, evidently amused.

Gregar says (in common), 'Before tripper could complain, molo grabbed him by the arm and off they went'.
Gregar says (in common), '"so", molo stated, "If you were a teddy bear where would you be?"'.
Gregar says (in common), '"idunno, how would I know, do I look like a big furry animal to you?" growled tripper'.
Gregar says (in common), 'Molo just stared expressionless for a moment, then his face lit up, "I know'.
Gregar says (in common), 'who would know, who's the closest person you know of to a teddy bear?"'.

Tranquility sits down and thinks deeply.

Gregar says (in common), '"Well, darkmoon used to be kinda soft and huggable, but she's not around anymore... maybe bliss?'.

Noctus sits down and thinks deeply.

Gregar says (in common), 'and with that, the two snapped their fingers, dissapearing in a puff of dandelion seeds'.

Hornblower arrives from the west.

Gregar says (in common), '*pan to a vat of vanilla cream, molo and tripper, just floatnig to the surface gasping for air*'.
Gregar says (in common), '"I think your aim was off again", snorted tripper, "This doesn't look like bliss at all!"'.
Gregar says (in common), '"Au contrair miseour, we all know how bliss loves vanilla, surely we will'.

Khore has granted you the ability to see him when he is invis.

Gregar says (in common), 'find her here... unless she drinks us first that is" countered the lich'.
Gregar says (in common), 'no sooner had he spoken than came the lady herself...'.

Khore [GS] tells you, 'A story telling contest about ME?'.

You tell Khore (in common), 'Thank you Lord'.

Bliss raises an eyebrow at Gregar.

You tell Khore (in common), 'so far no one has taken that theme...'.

Gregar says (in common), '"ooh, Gregar must have sent me another batch of vanilla.." Bliss let out a little squeal of delight'.

You tell Khore (in common), 'but yes, they may :)'.

Bliss hugs HER teddy bear.

Tranquility snickers softly.

Khore [GS] tells you, 'I could, but that might be inappropriate =)'.

Bliss looks at Bliss.

Gregar says (in common), '"even better! vanilla flavored immortals... oooh, I think I'll nible on the'.

Noctus grins happily.

Gregar says (in common), 'ears off this one first!'.

Khore [GS] tells you, 'Just on to check notes for the week.'.

Bliss grins evilly.

Noctus oh oh asking for a rift ;)

Gregar says (in common), '"well, no use fighting it molo buddy, here help me stuff a little more vanilla around my ears"'.

You tell Khore (in common), 'I couldn't award You the prize... but come and listen if you will'.

Bliss nods in recognition to Noctus.

Gregar says (in common), 'Ignoring his companion, Molo started pleasding with

Bliss, "Please My Lady,'.

Clue thinks ... maybe 3 or 4

Gregar says (in common), 'we have an important mission, Tokugawa's companion is missing!"'.

Khore [GS] tells you, 'I have plans for that time, but I'll check out the log if it becomes available.'.

You tell Khore (in common), 'and of course, if You want to tell a story I'd hardly stop You!'.

Bliss thinks 5

Gregar says (in common), '"Pookels' Gone?!", Bliss Gasped.'.

Noctus chuckles, evidently amused.

You tell Khore (in common), 'It certainly will!'.

Gregar says (in common), 'Tripper perked up, "You know of Tokugawa's Teddy Bear?"'.

Gregar says (in common), '"but of course silly, who do you think gave it to him? How can I help find pookel?"'.

You tell Khore (in common), 'we're there now...'.

Someone is beginning to think DEATH, not RIFT.

Bliss nods in recognition to someone.

The Storytelling Amphitheater
[Exits: west]

[GS] Khore is here.
Hornblower is here.
Tranquility is resting here.
Chee is resting here.
Clue is resting here.
Gregar is here.
Bliss is here.
Brianna is resting here.
Tien is here.
Grimace is resting here.
Noctus is resting here.

Gregar says (in common), 'Molo paused for a moment, trying to pose himself, "Well, all we really need'.

Clue shudders deeply at the thought of Death.

Bliss thinks speaking of Vanilla is a DEATH offense.

Gregar says (in common), 'is to try and figure out where a teddy bear would want to go to"'.

Khore smirks at Bliss's saying.

Gregar says (in common), '"Well, a teddy bear wouldn't go anywhere, it is after all just a bear.'.
Gregar says (in common), 'Perhaps someone else who likes bears took it."'.
Gregar says (in common), '"But who else would want Pookel" cried Molo.'.

Grimace chuckles, evidently amused.

Clytemnestra points at Bliss accusingly.

Gregar says (in common), 'The room went silent for a while, when suddenly the lich snapped his'.
Gregar says (in common), 'fingers, "I know!"'.

Clytemnestra looks at Bliss.

Bliss pokes Clytemnestra in the ribs.

Gregar says (in common), '"Oh goody, go find him then Molo, now Bliss, about nibbling my ears off..."'.

Brianna blushes.

Gregar says (in common), 'Tripper never got to finish, Molo grabbed his arm and yanked him out of the room'.
Gregar says (in common), '"Just where are we going now molo! I'm tired and wanna go back to bashing'.
Gregar says (in common), 'mortals in the dandelion field"'.
Gregar says (in common), '"If I'm right Trip, our journey ay be over very soon!"'.

Khore [GS] tells you, '*wave*'.

You tell Khore (in common), '*bow*'.

Gregar says (in common), '"Why didn't you say so molo!" and with that Tripper rgabbed Molo's arm, and started to run'.
Gregar says (in common), 'Tripper didn't stop until he noticed he only got the arm.'.

You groan loudly.

Gregar says (in common), 'Grumbling, tripper went back and helped the Lich re-attach his arm. With a snap of his fingers'.

Khorlan throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Tranquility snickers softly.

Brianna says (in common), 'ewwwwwwwwwwwww'.

Gregar says (in common), 'the lich transported both of them to the inside of Mt Molotov.'.

Clytemnestra giggles.

Gregar says (in common), '"Why are we here?" asked Tripper.'.
Gregar says (in common), '"Because we all know that the volcano is the immortals steam bath, and just'.

Clue sneaks to the back of the room, to be out of the way of the rifts.

Gregar says (in common), 'think of how often'.
Gregar says (in common), 'Tynian would want to steam with all his duties"'.
Gregar says (in common), '"You mean to accuse that Tynian took Pookel? Now even I must wince at suggesting that lichy!"'.
Gregar says (in common), '"We don't have to, he's right there!" Molo pointed to a corner of the'.
Gregar says (in common), 'cavern, where Tynian lay quietly cradling the bear.'.
Gregar says (in common), '"How could you!" Yelled tripper'.
Gregar says (in common), 'Tynian snapped awake with a start, "huh, wha?! oh this, you mean you're'.
Gregar says (in common), 'angry that I took the bear tripper?"'.
Gregar says (in common), '"No, you ruined a good day of bashing immortals on the head, Molo's been'.
Gregar says (in common), 'dragging me all over the place when I...'.
Gregar says (in common), 'could have been dashing through dandelions hearing the screams of tortured'.
Gregar says (in common), 'souls", retorted Tripper.'.
Gregar says (in common), '"Ignore him" interjected Molo, "I'm a little angry as was bliss, after all'.
Gregar says (in common), 'it was a gift to toku from her.'.
Gregar says (in common), 'I'm afraid the bear will have to come with us."'.
Gregar says (in common), 'Giving the bear one last big squeeze, Tynian handed it over to Molo.'.
Gregar says (in common), 'Molo and Tripper smiled at each other, then snapped their fingers'.
Gregar says (in common), 'dissapearing back the the dandelion field.'.
Gregar says (in common), 'What Tripper saw next astounded him. Dead mortals lay all over the'.
Gregar says (in common), 'dandelion field, and all the dandelions were romped...'.

Noctus shivers uncomfortably.

Grimace gasps in astonishment.

Gregar says (in common), 'no longer fuzzy. Amidst them stood tokugawa hands bloody.'.
Gregar says (in common), '"Hey, no wonder you like this, this really is fun, trips!" shouted toku.'.
Gregar says (in common), '"Did you leave any for me?" wailed Tripper'.
Gregar says (in common), '"Nope, I killed them all, it really is fun! OOh you found pookel!!! thank'.
Gregar says (in common), 'you thank you thankyou! gimme!"'.
Gregar says (in common), '"Oh I'll give you it all right" and with that, Tripper whacked tokugawa'.

Noctus cringes in terror!

Brianna blinks.

Tranquility shakes her head.

Brianna thinks Gregar was sniffing too many of those strange pools on Cannibal Island.

Khorlan winces. Ouch!

Gregar says (in common), 'over the head with pookel, storming off into the distance.'.

Tranquility nods in recognition to Brianna.

Chee gasps in astonishment.

Tranquility agrees with Brianna 100%.

Tranquility snickers softly.

Gregar says (in common), 'Chuckling, Molo only commented, "well, so much for another day in the land'.

Clue creeps even further away.

Gregar says (in common), 'of The Final Challenge"'.

Brianna hides behind Clue.

Gregar draws concentric circles on his forehead.

Gregar says (in common), 'the end'.

Bliss grins evilly at Gregar.

You chuckle.

Noctus showers Gregar with confetti!

Trell shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Bliss claps at Gregar's performance.

Grimace gives a round of applause.

Khorlan enthusiastically cheers Gregar to victory.

Grimace applauds Gregar's actions.

Tien shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Brianna claps, looking dazed.

Chee shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Tranquility claps her wings together with glee.

Gregar bows deeply.

Clue applauds Gregar's bravery.

Tirayel will be *really* impressed if Gregar has a dandelion to show for this story!

Chee is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Tranquility beams a smile at Gregar.

Noctus says (in common), 'now all make room for the immortal spells ;)'.

Grimace says (in common), 'excellent story :)'.

Tranquility grins happily at you.

Khorlan stands up.

Chee says (in common), 'awsome story'.

Gregar cowers before the impending riftS.

Chee says (in common), 'awesome story'.

Tranquility snickers softly.

Gregar says (in common), 'thank you'.

Gregar bows deeply.

Hornblower says (in common), 'Brianna you up next?'.

Brianna nods.

Chee is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Chee shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

You say (in common), 'So, a humorous piece from Gregar about Tokugawa's Teddy Bear Pookel...'.

Brianna says (in common), 'I am ready when you are, Lady Tirayel...'.

You nod in recognition to her.

You smile happily.

Noctus leaves west.

Tirayel gestures to Brianna, giving her the floor.

Clue leaves west.

Hornblower sits here and looks pretty for everyone and also makes sure that Teina washes.

Clue arrives from the west.

Hornblower watches Teina flutter with excitement and settles down on his shoulder.

Brianna stands and moves to the center of the chamber, biting her lip nervously.

Clue looks around.

Brianna curtseys gracefully for you.
Brianna curtseys gracefully.
Brianna says (in common), 'Greetings, honored Judges, and welcome audience.'.

You smile at her.

Hornblower grins happily at Brianna.

Brianna says (in common), 'My tale is one interweaving two of the four topics set before us by milady Tirayel...'.
Brianna says (in common), 'those being Nash and Dragons.... with a touch of Hope thrown in for good measure.'
Brianna says (in common), 'And while I must state that I do not personally believe in Lord Nash, '.
Brianna says (in common), 'this tale I found in my explorations of a dark place, upon ancient scrolls deep within the Dark Manor.'.
Brianna says (in common), 'Its author believed, and thus I will be that ancient scribe's voice here today.'.
Brianna says (in common), 'For it is from days in which Lord Nash was known to be more than the rallying cry for murderers,'
Brianna says (in common), 'but the holy source of healing and knowledge, as taught by the Silver Fellowship.'.
Brianna says (in common), 'For my tale, I have garbed myself in the rainment of the maidens of the Dragon Tower.'.
Brianna says (in common), 'I pray it is deemed appropriate... '.
Brianna gestures at her garb.

Khorlan looks at Brianna.

l brianna
Though she bears no resemblance to the winged insect, the young woman standing before you instantly reminds you of a butterfly. This puzzles you for a moment, until you finally recognize her as the tiny, frail little half-starved waif that was rescued by the Lady Silonch and Lord Abender Stormreaver, and accepted into
the Tigers by Lord Tripper. It seems the little caterpillar has finally grown beyond her protective chrysalis.

No longer stooped and shivering with fear, she has bloomed into a strong, graceful, eloquent young woman who meets your gaze with one of quiet determination in her storm-blue eyes. Tucking a stray lock of softly wavy, chestnut brown hair behind one ear, she lifts a hand in blessing and benediction. As her hand lifts, her sleeve
slips down her arm, baring her wrist. There, a narrow band circles her lower forearm in a pattern of jagged lines. She blushes, and covers the lightning bolt tattoo, a reminder of a debt of honor and tender first love that blooms determinedly in her heart still.

Brianna is in perfect health.

Brianna is using:
<used as light> (Glowing) a war banner
<worn on finger> the polished jasper ring
<worn around neck> a Major Amulet of True Seeing
<worn around neck> a Minor Amulet of Health
<worn on body> (Glowing) a sheer gown of fine white silk
<worn on head> a samanite silk headscarf
<worn about body> a sable fur cloak with hood
<worn about waist> a jeweled belt with filigreed buckle
<worn around wrist> a gold filigree bracelet
<worn around wrist> a leather bracer
<wielded> an officer's whip
<held> a net
<worn with pride> an oval of polished tiger-eye

Clue looks at Brianna.

Khorlan nods.

Brianna smiles at you.

Brianna says (in common), 'The name upon the scrolls was, "How the Dragons Got Their Breath."'.

Tranquility looks at Brianna.
Tien looks at Brianna.

You smile happily.

Brianna says (in common), 'the authoress is Polnevdra, High Priestess of the Silver Fellowship.'.
Brianna says (in common), 'While the scroll is written in the ancient tongue of Thoras, that is not a language I have skill in,'.
Brianna says (in common), 'so I pray you will not mind if I speak it in the vulgar common....'.

Brianna blushes.
Brianna says (in common), 'the work was apparently translated by someone named Gwyrdain.'.

Tirayel says nothing.

Brianna smiles happily.
Brianna pauses, takes a breath, and begins.

Demian leaves west.

Clytemnestra drinks water from a dwarven skull.

Brianna says (in common), 'My tale begins in the Long-Before... when the lands were new.'.
Brianna says (in common), 'The most ancient and honored of creatures, the First-Born, the Dragons, walked the earth.'.
Brianna says (in common), 'White, Red, Blue, Copper, Silver... each had their own domain and home.'.
Brianna says (in common), 'Lord Nash walked among them, and knew them as friends. '.
Brianna says (in common), 'They were inquisitive, the Dragons, this being their nature.'.
Brianna says (in common), 'Many secrets did Lord Nash entrust them.'.
Brianna reads in a whisper, "Secrets of the elements, secrets of the air and the earth, of fire and water."
Brianna says (in common), 'You see, at this point, the Dragons did not breathe as they do today, as any overly bold adventurer knows.'.

Brianna glances around the auditorium to see if folk such as Aslan, Tripper, or Adso are present, smiling wryly.

Brianna says (in common), 'Not acid, not flame, not ice... they were but great Wyrms, like the Dhole within N'Kai.'.
Brianna shivers slightly.
Gregar nods.

Brianna says (in common), 'Lord Nash, as He taught them, saw their hearts. '.
Brianna says (in common), 'They were black and pustulous....'.

Brianna tells you (in common), 'The pustulous heart is a NO drop, so I couldn't get it for you. = ( '.

Brianna says (in common), 'He knew them to be dangerous and crafty, patient and cruel.'.

Brianna smiles sadly, seeing this in the hearts of many in the Realm today.

Brianna waits for Clymenestra to stop eating.
(though this was all edited out for you, oh reader)

Brianna says (in common), 'The Dragons battled one another, jealous of strength or domain, tone of scale or length of claw.'.

Clytemnestra blushes.

Brianna says (in common), 'Lord Nash saw that the Dragons, though intelligent, were not wise.'.
Brianna says (in common), 'He saw, that though skilled and obsessive of magic, they did not use it for benefit.'.

You nod.

Brianna says (in common), 'And He knew that the knowledge He had given them was more dangerous than He had thought.'.
Brianna says (in common), 'Lord Nash attempted to alter this threat to the rest of Lord Tynian's creation, '.
Brianna says (in common), 'and He bound them deep within halls of stone, in craigy towers hidden within mazes, '.
Brianna says (in common), 'in cavernous caves, and in hidden dells. But to no avail. They were found, and worshipped and praised.'.
Brianna says (in common), 'Cults even sprang up around them, praising their might and their strength.'.

Brianna gets some dragon wing slippers from bag made from Wistom hide.
Brianna gives you some dragon wing slippers.
Brianna gestures at the garb she wears.

exam slippers
A pair of soft slippers with tiny dragon wings is here.

The Storytelling Amphitheater
[Exits: west]
Clytemnestra is resting here.
Clue is here.
Hornblower is here.
Tranquility is resting here.
Gregar is here.
Brianna is resting here.
Tien is here.

Brianna says (in common), 'Lord Nash set before them a Lord of Dragons, Dhraxx, to teach and guide them to wisdom.'.

Clytemnestra looks at Brianna.

Tranquility looks at Brianna.

Clytemnestra gasps in astonishment.

Gregar looks at Brianna.

Brianna says (in common), 'But to no avail. Some followed Dhraxx, and settled to the south. '.

Brianna gets steak made from baby rainbow dragon from bag made from Wistom hide.

Object 'dragonslippers slippers wing' is LIMITED type armor, extra flags magic anti-good.
Weight is 4.
Armor class is 6.
Affects dexterity by 2.

Brianna gives you steak made from baby rainbow dragon.
Brianna says (in common), 'Others slunk into sewer, cavern, and gloom, to enjoy their wretched solitude.'.

Brianna gets a red dragon's eye from bag made from Wistom hide.
Brianna gives you a red dragon's eye.

exam eye
The eye of a red dragon floats here, glaring at you.

Brianna says (in common), 'And yet, even in their isolation, they were found by curious mortals, bearing great gifts '.
Brianna says (in common), 'of unsurpassed value, gold, gems, and artifacts, seeking to learn...'.

Brianna gets an uncut gem from bag made from Wistom hide.
Brianna gives you 1000 gold.
Brianna gives you an uncut gem.

Brianna says (in common), 'Seeking to gain the knowledge of earth, air, fire and water, and assume mastery over these elements.'.
Brianna says (in common), 'Such was not in keeping with the way of things... Some mortals grew to great power, '.
Brianna says (in common), 'upsetting the delicate Balance. Lord Nash knew that this could not be. '.

exam gem
A stone with pink flecks running through it has been left here.

Brianna says (in common), 'But he could not take away what had been freely given... and so He devised a plan.'.
Brianna says (in common), 'He gathered all of the Dragons together in a council, and bid them obey. '.

Object 'eye dragon's' is type light, extra flags evil magic anti-good anti-neutral.
Weight is 1.

Brianna says (in common), 'They could no longer use this knowledge for harm. If they did, repercussions would fall.'.
Brianna's expression takes on a touch of sternness, imagining the look upon His face.
Brianna says (in common), 'Most scoffed, even those who followed the wise Dhraxx, and swore that what they knew, they would use.'.
Brianna says (in common), 'Lord Nash gently warned them once more. "Speak not," He said.'.
Brianna waggles her finger in admonishment.
Brianna says (in common), 'Upon them, He laid a great spell, unbeknownst to them as they stood assembled.'.
Brianna makes a complicated gesture.
Brianna says (in common), 'They departed from that place,'.
Brianna says (in common), 'now a barren wasteland of sand found to the south of the forests and the north of the sea,'.

Brianna gets some tawny sand from bag made from Wistom hide.
Brianna gets some gritty sand from bag made from Wistom hide.

Brianna says (in common), 'And the dragons returned to their homes. '.
Brianna says (in common), 'As had been in the past, mortals came, seeking the forbidden secrets...'.
Brianna says (in common), 'and many Dragons, secure in their arrogance, moved to speak and share, and thus gain the offered wealth.'.
Brianna says (in common), 'As they opened their many-toothed maws, defying Lord Nash's proclaimation...'.
Brianna says (in common), 'To their horror and the death of their visitors, out came not words, but the elements themselves...'.
Brianna says (in common), 'Ice, Fire, the very essence of the elements the mortals sought Mastery over. '.
Brianna says (in common), 'For while Lord Nash can be as a dragon, so also can he have a sense of humor.'.

Object 'gem' is type treasure, extra flags magic.
Weight is 2.
You have added the item property markings.

Tranquility snickers softly.

Brianna says (in common), 'The dragons were, indeed, sharing the elements.... '.
Brianna says (in common), 'but not in the form hoped for...'.

Khorlan grins happily.

Brianna smiles wryly.

Brianna says (in common), 'And that, oh gracious audience, is how the dragons lost speach, and gained their breath,'.
Brianna says (in common), 'and that only those beasts who held to Lord Nash's will with honor, remain breathless to this day.'.

You nod.

Brianna says (in common), 'The truest, and last hope for the race of dragons, is in those birthed after that great magic...'.
Brianna says (in common), 'and raised away from the influences of their peers... '.
Brianna looks around for Hornblower and Teina.
Brianna says (in common), 'for only in the young of each generation, does hope truly lie.'.
Brianna smiles happily.

Tirayel beams a smile.

Brianna rolls up the scroll and curtseys.

Khorlan shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Tranquility claps her wings together with glee.

Gregar applauds Brianna's actions.

You clap your hands together.

Khorlan says (in common), 'Bravo!'.

Tranquility beams a smile at Brianna.

Brianna blushes.

Someone applauds Brianna's actions.

You say (in common), 'Beautiful'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'Splendid!'.

Boromir bows deeply.

Brianna gives you some gritty sand.
Brianna gives you some tawny sand.

Gregar applauds Brianna's actions.

You say (in common), 'I love detailed history'.

Brianna scuffs her foot upon the stone floor, blushing.

Tranquility beams a smile at Boromir.

Gregar hugs Boromir.

Khorlan nods.

Boromir hugs Gregar.

Gregar hugs you.

You say (in common), 'You had the Themes well in hand'.

Gregar hugs Tranquility.

Brianna hastens back to her seat.

Tranquility hugs Gregar.

You say (in common), 'as well as several tokens'.

Hornblower says (in common), 'Did I do well at sitting pretty???'.

Tranquility laughs.

Brianna nods in recognition to Hornblower.

Khorlan snickers softly.

Brianna hugs Hornblower.

Clue nods in recognition to Hornblower.

Clytemnestra smiles happily.

Gregar says (in common), 'sitting yes, you pretty, that's tough'.

Hornblower hugs Brianna.

Clytemnestra stands up.

Tranquility giggles.

Clytemnestra yawns.

Tien grins happily.

Brianna giggles.

Clytemnestra sighs loudly.

Tirayel is impressed with the young mage's ability to get items from the Dragons.

Hornblower watches Teina fly around the room, chirping quite happily.

Brianna had a LOT of help.

Tranquility grins happily.

Clytemnestra says (in common), 'well she has a heakth and a ts major'.

Boromir ftells, 'how many stories have I missed so far? '.

Khorlan utters the words, 'oculoinfra uizug'.

You nod.

Clytemnestra pouts.

Tranquility grins happily.

Clytemnestra looks at Brianna.

Hornblower watches Teina wishing she had a steak to eat, something bloody and raw.

You ftell, '3'.

Tranquility ftells, 'I believe that was the 3rd'.

Clue ftells, 'that was the third'.

Clytemnestra giggles.

Tranquility ftells, 'Are there more?'.

Khorlan gets steak made from half-elf maid from an egg casing.

The Storytelling Amphitheater
[Exits: west]
Boromir is here.
Celia is resting here.
Grimace is resting here.
Clytemnestra is here.
Clue is here.
Hornblower is here.
Tranquility is resting here.
Gregar is here.
Brianna is resting here.
Tien is here.
Khorlan is here.

Brianna says (in common), 'perhaps she would like the steak from the storytelling.'.

(Tirayel missed that at the time and will give Hornblower the steak made of baby rainbow dragon next time she sees him)

Clytemnestra says (in common), 'hi HB'.

Khorlan gives steak made from half-elf maid to Hornblower.

You say (in common), 'Anyone else?'.

Gregar gets some fried human from an egg casing.

Clytemnestra says (in common), 'enjoy the show?'.

Hornblower says (in common), 'hello Cly'.

You say (in common), 'Please?'.

Clytemnestra smiles happily.

Boromir ftells, '3 so far? .. nice .. '.

Hornblower watches Teina eat up the steak.

Clytemnestra looks at Brianna.

Hornblower eats steak made from half-elf maid.

Gregar gives some fried human to Hornblower.

Boromir grins happily at Gregar.

Clue looks at Gregar and shudders.

Gregar says (in common), 'tastier than steaks'.

Gregar grins happily.

Clytemnestra gets a clear red potion from a heart-shaped locket.

Khorlan snickers softly.

Clytemnestra quaffs a clear red potion.
Clytemnestra invokes recall magic.
Clytemnestra disappears.

Tranquility sticks her tongue out.

Khorlan rests.

Celia hugs Boromir.

Boromir hugs Celia.

Celia hugs Clue.

Celia hugs Hornblower.

Hornblower hugs Celia.

Celia hugs Tranquility.

Grimace looks around.

Someone bows regally and take his leave.

Celia hugs Tien.

Celia hugs Khorlan.

Tranquility smiles happily.

Tranquility hugs Celia.

Tien hugs Celia.

Someone says, 'A good evening all, well done'.

Celia smiles happily.

Tranquility grins happily.

Tirayel clears her throat.

Khorlan beams a smile at Celia.

Tirayel looks around for the audience's attention.

Grimace clears his throat.

You say (in common), 'Does anyone else have a story to tell?'.

Boromir ftells, '7 chosen on .. thats pretty good :)'.

Hornblower utters the words, 'xafe ay candusqarr'.
Hornblower invokes recall magic.
Hornblower disappears.

The Storytelling Amphitheater
[Exits: west]
Boromir is here.
Celia is resting here.
Grimace is resting here.
Clue is here.
Tranquility is resting here.
Gregar is here.
Brianna is resting here.
Tien is here.

Khorlan bows deeply.

Khorlan waves happily.

You say (in common), 'Please do'.

Khorlan utters the words, 'uizug'.
Khorlan fades out of existence.

Celia smiles at you.

Grimace looks around.

Someone utters the words, 'safhar'.

The air shimmers as someone creates a portal here.

Tirayel offers the central podium to Celia.

You say (in common), 'Do you have a story for us Celia?'.

Celia shakes her head.

You say (in common), 'ah...'.

Celia says (in common), 'Not yet :) Just came to listen to the greats :)'.

You say (in common), 'does anyone?'.

You smile at Celia.

Tranquility pouts.

You tell Celia (in common), 'I must have misunderstood your ftell'.

Tirayel looks around the room.

Someone says (in common), 'good stories so far?'.

You smile happily.

You say (in common), 'some... :)'.

Tirayel winces at Gregar.

Gregar says (in common), 'what?'.

Tranquility looks at you.

You smile at Gregar.

Tranquility sits down and thinks deeply.

Gregar says (in common), 'I'm just glad I got away without a rift'.

Tranquility laughs.

Tranquility pats Gregar on his back.

Gregar says (in common), 'no other stories?'.

You say (in common), 'Has *eveyone* had a chance to tell their stories?'.

Tranquility was merely an observer for this evening.

You smile at her.

Tirayel clears her throat again.

Tirayel might have a cold... :)

Tranquility ftells, 'Have you decided a winner Tirayel? It seems that only 3 were up to the challege this evening.'.

Tranquility nods in recognition to you.

You ftell, 'doing so now'.

Tranquility ftells, '*nod*'.

Tirayel smiles to the room.

You say (in common), 'Thank you all for attending'.

Celia pats you on your back.

Clue watches the room smile back at Tirayel.

You say (in common), 'I'll edit this log together'.

You say (in common), 'and post it somewhere accessible'.

You say (in common), 'probably Cordir's website'.

You say (in common), 'We had three stories'.

Boromir ftells, 'send to the tfc note list .. and the chosen list '.

You say (in common), 'Brianna's was clearly the most on Theme, and best supported with items'.

Brianna blushes.

Gregar smiles happily.

Boromir ftells, 'and have it posted on the timeline as a link'.

Tranquility nods.

Gregar pats Brianna on her back.

Celia enthusiastically cheers Brianna to victory.

Tirayel is pleased to offer 1st prize to the little Tiger.

Brianna gasps in astonishment.

Brianna smiles in delight.

Tranquility grins happily at Brianna.

Gregar hugs Brianna.

Gregar says (in common), 'gratz bri!'.

Brianna says (in common), 'Thank you!!!'.

You say (in common), 'Second place is a little harder to pin down:'.

You ruffle Brianna's hair playfully.

Vorax says (in drow), 'someone logged the stories, right?'.

You smile at Brianna.

Clue enthusiastically cheers Brianna to victory.

You nod.

Vorax smiles happily.

You say (in common), 'Yes, I've logged them'.

Vorax says (in drow), 'i missed them :('.

You say (in common), 'Crith's was more focused, but Gregar's more entertaining'.

Vorax says (in drow), 'i liked the story Brianna told though... the part i actualy didn't miss'.

Gregar smiles happily.

Gregar nods.

Brianna blushes.

Clue hugs Vorax.

You say (in common), 'and no items came with either of these stories'.

Grimace laughs.

Gregar says (in common), 'she had a very good story'.

Brianna thanks Vorax heartily.

Vorax smiles happily.

Vorax hugs Clue.

Tranquility shakes her head.

Tirayel would be willing to hear votes on the matter.

Brianna sits down and thinks deeply.

Brianna says (in common), 'Cirth's was on topic....'.

Tirayel was busy being possessed by Lord Nash, and didn't get to listen to Crith's well.

Clue prays for Cordir's blessings.

You nod.

Tranquility snickers softly.

Celia waves happily.

Tranquility hugs Celia.

Celia leaves west.

Ograk enthusiastically cheers Brianna to victory.

Tirayel looks fondly at Gregar.

Grimace looks around.

Ograk ruffles Brianna's hair playfully.

Gregar says (in common), 'yes?'.

You say (in common), 'I agree'.

Ograk hops around. Perhaps he's part frog?

Tranquility eats a pipeweed bread.

You say (in common), 'Gregar:'.

Tranquility snickers softly.

Brianna tells you (in common), 'Cirth's has my vote'.

You say (in common), 'I laughed a lot at your story'.

Gregar says (in common), 'I might have missed something'.

Grimace looks around.

Gregar says (in common), 'the intent was to amuse'.

You say (in common), 'but I also think you're lucky not getting killed for it!'.

Tranquility grins happily.

You say (in common), 'That you did'.

You say (in common), 'But Cirth's story also showed art'.

You say (in common), 'at least in the premise of the telling'.

Brianna smiles happily.

Brianna says (in common), 'Thank you'.

You say (in common), 'and *was* closer to the themes I'd asked for...'.

Tirayel says to Gregar "Do you mind 2nd place going to Cirth?"

Gregar shakes his head.

Gregar says (in common), 'I did not expect to win'.

Tirayel must make it clear she really enjoyed Gregar's story.

Gregar smiles happily.

Gregar nods.

You say (in common), 'But Cirth gave me what I asked for'.

Brianna congratulations Gregar on his good sportsmanship.

You say (in common), 'and a girl tends to like that kind of thing'.

Brianna blushes.

Tirayel proclaims Cirth the 2nd place winner.

You say (in common), 'Thank you all so much for listening!'.

You say (in common), 'I hope we can do this again soon!'.

Gregar says (in common), 'do I get a good sprtsman prize?'.

You say (in common), 'Sure'.

Tirayel rummages around for a "sportsman's prize"

Tirayel at least proclaims Gregar a good sport and hilarious storyteller.

Vorax looks around.

Gregar smiles happily.

Gregar hugs you.

You say (in common), 'That ""honourable"" mention will go in the official record'.

Brianna sits down and thinks deeply.

Gregar nods.

Brianna says (in common), 'Gregar, do you still have a bag collection?'.

Gregar says (in common), 'do you need some?'.

Brianna gets a clear red potion from bag made from Vorax hide.
Brianna gets the engraved scroll from bag made from Vorax hide.
Brianna gets a clear red potion from bag made from Vorax hide.
Brianna gets a clear red potion from bag made from Vorax hide.
Brianna gets a clear red potion from bag made from Vorax hide.
Brianna gets a clear red potion from bag made from Vorax hide.

Gregar says (in common), 'I have lots of potions'.

Brianna gives bag made from Vorax hide to Gregar.

Vorax says (in drow), 'akk'.

Brianna says (in common), 'There! An Immortal bag for your collection'.

Gregar blinks.

Gregar smiles happily.

Gregar shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Brianna puts a clear red potion in bag made from Wistom hide.
Brianna puts a clear red potion in bag made from Wistom hide.
Brianna puts a clear red potion in bag made from Wistom hide.
Brianna puts a clear red potion in bag made from Wistom hide.
Brianna puts a clear red potion in bag made from Wistom hide.

Vorax says (in drow), 'hmmm'.

Brianna giggles.

Vorax scratches his head.

Brianna puts the engraved scroll in bag made from Wistom hide.

Gregar says (in common), 'afk'.

The Storytelling Amphitheater
[Exits: west]
Vorax is here.
Boromir is here.
Clue is here.
Tranquility is here.
Gregar is here.
Brianna is resting here.

You say (in common), 'THank you all again'.

You say (in common), 'I'll post a note in several places when the final log is available'.

Tranquility nods.

Tirayel bows to the assembled crowd.

Tranquility hugs Gregar.

Boromir hugs Tranquility.

Tranquility hugs Clue.

Clue bounces onto Tranquility's lap.

Clue purrs contentedly in Tranquility's lap.

Tranquility hugs you.

Tranquility grins happily at Brianna.

Tranquility curtseys gracefully to Vorax.

Clue drinks water from a magical spring.

Clue gives bag made from Clue hide to Gregar.

Tranquility ftells, 'Time for me to depart friends. Take care.'.

Tranquility quaffs a clear red potion.
Tranquility invokes recall magic.
Tranquility disappears.

Clue smiles happily.

You ftell, 'I'm rather under the weather and will be going soon'.

Celia ftells, 'Goodbye Tranquility :) *HUG*'.

Tien ftells, 'cya'.

Clue puts bag made from Clue hide in an egg casing.

Boromir ftells, 'Bye Tranquility *wave*'.

You say (in common), 'Good night, good gentles'.

Boromir bows deeply. Boromir grins happily.

You say (in common), 'I must be going'.

Brianna says (in common), 'me, too.'.
Brianna doesn't feel very well.

You say (in common), 'Thank you a final time for making this happen'.

Tirayel proclaims the contest (and log) ended.

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