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A Vision

My Chosen Brothers and Sisters of Fate -
As I write this, we are at war. No, I don't mean the constant struggle against the growing Adversary, nor do I mean the myriad battles we undergo daily. I mean a war of souls. A war against the worst enemy any of us have ever faced - ourselves.

Even as I write this, my mind is assailed with images...visions... The role of the Acolyte is a blessing, but the demands are rigorous. Often more then my frail mortal body can bear I believe ...but the visions come to me despite my own thoughts. The Triat, wandering somewhere in their Mortal frames save for the Weaver, have sent urgings that I can not deny. This has only happened recently.... and I do not know how long it shall last. But, this I view, this I foretell.

Before me, amongst a merciless sea of humanity and mortality, protected from the buffering waves, I see an anchor for weary souls. Gathered 'round this anchor of sorts are the choicest spirits I have ever known, ever dream't of.....and I realize I am viewing you. Each of you. We have formed a bond, forged in blood. Stronger then steel, given life by the breath of the Wyrm, baptised by the fire Wyld and guarded ever by in the protective embrace of the Weaver.

Surrounding this haven, flowing around, above and beneath are endless, countless others. Many pass on and are unnoticed. Many slow down on their endless journey to bow before the Weaver, the anchor, and her gathered Children. Sadly, an even greater number stop, point, and mock. These few souls have been declared as Anathema by the Weaver, a choice in which the Triat fully supports.....yet I wander off from my topic.

In spite of the laughing, mocking and insults, the Chosen stand firm. We do not respond to their crude comments. Joyful tears of pride stream down my face as, in my mind's eye, I see this. And, in reality, this has happened....and these actions have had an impact. The Three have watched joyfully as, recently, a few of those faces have drifted apart from their cruel bretheren and found a home in the Weaver. Katrana......Kaldred....these names drift on the surface of my thoughts. They have come - others will follow.

The ranks of the Chosen have swelled from other sources. Old Spirits returning as new Adventurers, or a youngling taking their first step into the world....

At this point in the vision, I feel a sharp pain, always. Many times do I see this, and each time the pain comes. This is where the danger lies. A voice, no, three voices, speaking as one, speak into my mind, their massive intelligences touching mine for a mere instant, threatening my mortal sanity. "Beware, Acolyte. Be steadfast - that you and your bretheren do not become like those."

And again I see that sea of faces....and yet I know that they are Chosen. Yet the ranks grew, and the new ones were merely crowded in amongst the rest. They were faceless blurs in a mass of spirits.....
My fellow followers, I exhort you, in the name of the Three, let us spread the word of the Triat across the Realm. The Adversary weakens daily - while the Triat survives. Every good word spoken, every deed done in the name of the Triat strengthens them. Do such. Do not neglect those who wish to know of the Triat. Do not make them those faceless blurs. If so, they shall feel the same neglect that those who left the Adversary felt - and that is NOT acceptable.

We are the Chosen. Chosen, above all others, to emerge at this point in time. This does not make us better. In actuality, it gives us more responsibility. Embrace those around you. Spread the word of the Three. Seek to gain Ascensions in the name of Those who Bless you.

Again, I have wandered mightily. This I can not help - as I mentioned, my mind is overwhelmed with what I have seen. I am a leaf, swept on the current of my faith. I am powerless to fight against, it, not that I want to, as are we all. Ah, again I stray. . With that, I end my ramblings for tonight. Perhaps I can have a full night's sleep for once, untroubled by my dreams....
May the Three bless you,
and may the embrace of the Weaver shelter you,
In good faith and love,
Triat of the Acolyte.
Blade of Fate

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