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A Poxy Braggart

[ 26] Skeeve: Re: Craige
Sun Sep 2 17:31:44 2001
To: all

I so rarely deign to jump in on such banter but verily the door was left a bit too open this time to avoid the temptation.

There are many forms of ignorance, and you quite plainly showed one of yours.

'Hah, and you call me ignorant The primary difference between you and I is that I am not so easily amused'

Let me just rearrange your sentence for you.

'The primary difference between I and you is that I am not so easily amused'

Now does not that just sound as though it came straight from the mouth of a vain pox-marked minnow? You see my gorbellied hasty-witted harpy, the correct pronoun in that instance is me.

Due to the impertinent fool-born varlot's lack of mental acuity I shall provide a fitting retort to mine own pedantic attack upon his grammatical juxtapositions.

'But look you here, did not Shakespeare in the Merchant of Venice use the line: All debts are cleard between you and I, if I might but see you at my death.

My response to that would be quite plain. English grammar rules were not laid down in Shakespeares time and secondly you, my clouted dizzy-eyed codpiece, are not Shakespeare.

The lesson here folks is that if you wish to avoid sounding the infectious beetle-headed scut, as a certain errant flap-mouthed fustilarian did so poignantly in his note. Do not claim an intellect above that of the vulgars, only to prove your plebeian roots in the very next sentence.

-Skeeve would like to thank Shakespeare and the author of Woe is I for allowing him to stand upon their shoulders in the writing of his attack upon the ignorance of a one named Craige.

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